CGHS Dhanbad Wellness Centres List

CGHS Dhanbad


The eligible central Govt. Employees residing in Dhanbad, areas should submit their applications for GGHS cards through their parental office and the office will certify all the facts mentioned in the application and sent it to this office with a forwarding letter duly signed, sealed and despatched.

About CGHS Dhanbad:





TELEPHONE No: 0651-2480147

No/CGHS/RAN/Disp. Merger/2019-20

Dated: 01/04/2019


SUB: Opening of CGHS Wellness Centers (Allopathic) at Dhanbad.

This is for information of all eligible Central Govt. Employees / central Govt. Pensioners, ex-MPs and other stakeholders that a Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Wellness Centre has started functioning at Bertand, Dhandabad-826001 from 01st April 2019 to provide the comprehensive medical facility.

The CGHS Wellness Centre at Dhanbad shall cover all eligible Central Govt. Employees residing with a 5 KM radius of the wellness Centre and eligible pensioners and ex-MPs etc. living in and around Dhanbad as per CGHS guidelines.

The CGHS beneficiaries shall be able to avail the CGHS facilities through the Wellness Centre from 07:30 AM to 02:00 PM on all days, except Sundays and Gazetted Holidays.

The CGHS Wellness Centre, Dhanbad shall be under the Administrative control of Additional Director, CGHS, Ranchi (Tel. No. 0651-2480147)


Dr (Mrs) L P Minz

Additional Director, CGHS Ranchi

As per the prevalent norms regarding jurisdiction of a CGHS Dhanbad, wellness Centre which is now a ‘covered area’ of a particular wellness center and which generally covers the area of approximately 5 KM in radius from a particular dispensary, has now been finalized.

CGHS Covered Cities:

This Scheme is available in various cities in the country. These cities are as follows:

Soon to be Started

  • CGHS Kochi
  • CGHS Kannur
  • CGHS Kozikoda


SCHEME w.e.f. 01/08/2019

Sl No.

Name of the Wellness Centre and code

Address & Contact No.

NABH Accredited /


Facilities empanelled for

1.Asarfi HospitalLimited

w.e.f. 01/08/2019.

Baramuri, Bishtupur, Polytechnic Dhanbad-828130Non – NABH / QCIrecommended

(applied for NABH)

· Cardiology· Nephrology Renal Dialysis

· Pediatrics

· Neurosurgery

· Gastro-Enterology


· Oncology

· Laparoscopic Surgery

· Dental

· General Surgery &

· Medicine

· Obs.& Gynecology

· Ophthalmology

· Dermatology

· Orthopedics


Q. Is it mandatory for the Diagnostic Labs to stamp the date and the number of tests performed on the original prescription slip?

A. Yes, it’s mandatory for the Diagnostic Labs to stamp the date and the number of tests performed on an original prescription slip

Q. Is re-registration required if a beneficiary visits WC to just collect indented medicines?

A. No, re-registration is not required if a beneficiary visits WC to just collect indented medicines

Q. Is there a provision for the collection of medicines from the WC by an authorized person?

A. Yes, the CGHS beneficiaries can authorize a representative to collect medicines from the CGHS Wellness Centre on the basis of a valid prescription.

Q. Where should I complain about the medical negligence at empanelled HCOs?

A. The beneficiary can approach the State Medical Council/Medical Council of India with all proof of medical negligence against empanelled HCOs.

Q. Under whose Administration will the CGHS Dhanbad be?

A. Wellness CentreThe CGHS Dhanbad Wellness Centre shall be under the Administrative control of the Additional Director, CGHS, Ranchi (Tel. No. 0651-2480147)

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