The eligible central Govt. Employees residing in Kota areas should submit their applications for GGHS cards through their parental office and the office will certify all the facts mentioned in the application and sent it to this office with a forwarding letter duly signed, sealed and despatched. CGHS Kota

As per the prevalent norms regarding jurisdiction of a CGHS Kota wellness Centre which is now a ‘covered area’ of a particular wellness center and which generally covers the area of approximately 5 KM in radius from a particular dispensary, has now been finalized as per the Annexures attached for these three wellness centers separately as mentioned under:-

  • Annexure -V for CGHS Kota, Wellness Centre Map
  • Annexure -VI for CGHS Kota, Wellness Centre Descriptive

CGHS Covered Cities:

This Scheme is available in various cities in the country. These cities are as follows:

Soon to be Started

  • CGHS Kochi
  • CGHS Kannur
  • CGHS Kozikoda

CGHS Kota Wellness Centres List

Sl No.

Name of the Wellness Centre and code

Name of the Incharge


Contact Number & e-mail ID

1. The CMO Incharge,

CGHS Wellness Centre Kota,

Dr. Anurag Tiwari Behind Akash Mall, Arcodram

Circle, Kota-324007


[email protected]


  1. Is it mandatory for the Diagnostic Labs to stamp the date and the number of tests performed on the original prescription slip?
  2. Yes, it’s mandatory for the Diagnostic Labs to stamp the date and the number of tests performed on an original prescription slip
  3. Is re-registration required if a beneficiary visits WC to just collect indented medicines?
  4. No, re-registration is not required if a beneficiary visits WC to just collect indented medicines
  5. Is there a provision for the collection of medicines from the WC by an authorized person?
  6. Yes, the CGHS beneficiaries can authorize a representative to collect medicines from CGHS Wellness Centre on the basis of a valid prescription.
  7. What should I do in case of overcharging by the empanelled PVT. HCOs.
  8. If the empanelled PVT. HCOs has charged over and above the CGHS approved/package rates, the beneficiary can complain to Additional. Director, CGHS of concerned city/zone, in case of pensioner’s beneficiary and serving employees forward their grievances through the Dept. with all relevant documents for grievance redressal.
  9. What is the system for availing the services of specialists in Wellness Centres?
  10. Prior registration is required for an appointment with specialists in CGHS Wellness Centre, where specialist services are available.

The facility of online appointments with CGHS Specialists can be availed by visiting 

However, in case of emergency contact CMO I/C of the Wellness Centre for consulting specialist without prior appointment.

  1. Where should I complain about the medical negligence at empanelled HCOs?
  2. The beneficiary can approach the State Medical Council/Medical Council of India with all proof of medical negligence against empanelled HCO’s.

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