CGHS Online Appointment Allahabad

CGHS Online Appointment Allahabad

Booking an online appointment for a CGHS doctor is an easy task. Now, you do not go to the dispensary physically to stand in a line for a long time and get an appointment with the CGHS doctor.

The beneficiaries (Central Government Employees and Pensioners) can book their appointment with their chosen medical experts from the convenience of their homes.

To visit the closest dispensary, you need a connection to the internet on your computer or mobile device. To learn how to secure a slot right now, read the blog.

About CGHS Scheme

All current and previous employees of the Central Government of India are eligible for the CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme), a healthcare benefit program. The CGHS card (a plastic card) is physically provided to the beneficiaries. It acts as evidence that they have signed up for the program.

Applying for the CGHS plastic card can be done online at the official site (cghs. nic. in) by government employees or pensioners. It is a crucial document to have on hand when visiting a medical facility that has received CGHS approval.

Services like the Maternal & Child Health Service are provided by CGHS. It offers numerous services for the mother, child, and family, including access to medical treatment for the mother and the unborn child, the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, immunization, and other services.

You can also get services like CT scans, x-rays, and diagnostic services, along with surgeries like Laparoscopic surgery, joint replacement, and arthroscopic surgery. beneficiaries can go to the official website online appointment 2023 to book the appointment. 

CGHS General Hospitals in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

hospital name Family Welfare

  1. Aman Hospital – 24/30/5, Aman Colony, Dhobi Ghat, Thornhill Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
  2. Ankur Hospital –1B/26, Lal Bihari Bamrauli, Allahabad
  3. Ashutosh Hospital – 15/20, Hashimpur Road, Allahabad – 211002
  4. Asha Hospital – 89/276, Muir Road, Rajapur, Allahabad
  5. D R S Hospital – H-1, Transport Nagar Allahabad
  6. Dayal Nursing Home & Maternity Home – Neem Sarai, Mundera, Allahabad
  7. Dwarka Hospital – 5/4 K. P. Kakkar Road, Allahabad
  8. Guru Kripa Jagrati Hospital & Research Centre – 124/A/1 Thornhill Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
  9. Heartline Cardiac Care Centre – 14/18, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
  10. Jeevan Jyoti Hospital – 162, Bai Ka Bagh, Lowther Road, Allahabad
  11. Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital – Hashimpur Road, Allahabad – 211002
  12. M.G.M Hospital & Research Centre – 116, Pipal Gaon Jhalwa, Allahabad
  13. Maa Sharda Hospital – 84/70, New Bairahana, Allahabad
  14. Narayan Swaroop Hospital – 40A, Mundera Mandi, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  15. Parvati Hospital – 126/50A, JLN Road, Tagore Town, Allahabad
  16. Prachi Hospital Private Limited – Sector-C 105, Shantipuram, Phaphamau, Allahabad
  17. Raj Nursing Home – 23-A, Park Road, Allahabad
  18. Saket Maternity & Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd. – 1203, BHS, Kidwai Nagar, Allahpur, Allahabad
  19. Srijan Vatsalya Hospital Pvt. Ltd. – 8/1/6, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
  20. Saraswati Heart Care & Research Centre (P). Ltd. – 5/1, Darbhanga Colony, Lowther Road, Allahabad
  21. Shakuntala Hospital – 3-B, Tashkent Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad – 211001
  22. Vatsalya Maternity & Surgical Centre – 6/8, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
  23. Vineeta Hospital – 10-3A, Bypass Road, Phaphamau, Allahabad
  24. Yash Hospital – 8 B, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
  25. Yashlok Hospital & Research Centre – 43A/31A, Hashimpur Road, Allahabad
  26. Shivam Akshayvat Multispeciality Hospital And Trauma Centre – Near Udyog Nagar Ground, Ada Road, Naini, Allahabad
  27. Hospital Akshayvat, HIG – 110/111, Ada Colony, Naini, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  28. Kamala Nehru Hospital – Hashimpur Road, Allahabad – 211002
  29. Jeevan Jyoti Hospital – 162, Bai Ka Bagh, Lowther Road, Allahabad

CGHS Eye Centres in Allahabad

  1. Eye Clinic – 77C/90C K. P. Kakkar Road, Zero Road, Allahabad
  2. Global Hospital & Eyecare Centre – 322/24 Bai Ka Bagh, Allahabad

CGHS Diagnostic Centres in Allahabad

  1. Indira Diagnostic Centre/ Chandan Health Care – 55/23/1, Kamla Nehru Road, Allahabad
  2. Kriti Scanning Centre – 55-B Lowther Road, Allahabad

CGHS Dental Clinics in Allahabad

  1. Divine Touch Dental Health Clinic – 15/1A, Thornhill Road, Allahabad
  2. J.K. Hospital Dental Care Centre – 38/53, D Bai Ka Bagh, Allahabad
  3. Maruti Dental Clinic – 40-A/34, Elgin Road (Opp. A.H. Wheeler & Co.), Civil Lines, Allahabad – 211 001
  4. Jain Hospital – 61, Lowther Road, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Planet Dental Clinic – Shop No. 8,9 MG Marg Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

CGHS General Hospitals in Varanasi

Here are general hospitals in Varanasi:

  1. Apex Hospital – D.L.W., Hydel Road, Varanasi
  2. ASG Hospital Pvt. Ltd – Address: Ground Floor, Corporate Plaza, Gopal Vihar Colony, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi
  3. Hari Bandhu Hospital Pvt. Ltd. – Paigamberpur, Ashok Vihar Road, Panchkroshi Chauraha, Varanasi
  4. Heritage Hospitals – Near Bhu Gate Lanka, Varanasi – 221005
  5. Jamuna Sewa Sadan & Research Centre – S-15/47, Panchkoshi Road, Shivpur, Varanasi
  6. Mahashweta Hospital Pvt. Ltd. – 5-10/6A-3-A-P, MA Road, Opp District Jail, Chaukaghat, Varanasi
  7. Popular Medicare Ltd – N 10/62, A-2, DLW Road, Kakarmatta, Varanasi.
  8. Purvanchal Netralaya Retina Care Center – C-21/1-41, Lajpat Nagar Maldahiya Crossing, Varanasi-221001
  9. Samvedna Hospital – B22./88-G, Ravindra Puri New Colony, Varanasi – 221005
  10. Shubham Hospital – S8/108-F-5A, Maqbool Alam Road, Khajuri, Varanasi
  11. Super speciality Dental Centre – SH 1/142 D, Narayanpur panchkoshi road, Gilat Bazar, Varanasi
  12. Tandon Multispeciality Hospital & Ishita Eye Care Centre – C 64/106, P-10, Heerapura Badi Piyari, Varanasi

Why Online Appointment Is Better Than Offline Appointments?

The straightforward explanation is that any CGHS enrollee can seek consultation from physicians across the nation without worrying that they won’t be able to access medical care.

Additionally, it is difficult for individuals to schedule a doctor’s appointment offline, which is another reason why the govt has made the online appointment processes so much simpler.

  • Online appointment reservations can easily from an app or online website
  • Book doctor’s appointments online and get a token number directly from the CGHS beneficiary ID
  • Check the details of the Appointment anytime from your account
  • Once everything is chosen, click on the Calendar to select a time and date from the available ones while booking the appointment
  • You will receive an SMS for confirmation of the appointment

So, when you wish to schedule a doctor’s appointment, you can click here to access the CGHS Medical Appointment website. There, you can easily complete the remaining steps by simply adhering to the page’s directions.

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Documents Needed for CGHS Scheme Doctor’s Appointment

Customers can access the CGHS website to view their medical records, claims for reimbursement, list of medications, etc. Anyone having a Beneficiary ID & Password can access this portal.

Through the Book Appointment link on the CGHS portal,, appointments with the doctor or a specialist visiting a specific Wellness Center can be made online.

To access health and care services, eligible recipients must register as well as submit the required documentation.

Therefore, if you want to schedule a doctor’s appointment, also known as take a doctor’s appointment, you may go to the CGHS Appointment website from here. After that, follow the directions on the page, which will make the last step much easier for you to complete.

For Current Employee:

  • proof of residence paper
  • In the event of a disabled child, a disability certificate.
  • Age-proof

For Pensioners

  • CGHS card
  • Resident proof
  • Payslip copy/pay certificate
  • Age proof

The process to Book CGHS Online Doctor’s Appointment Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

The simple online application process:

  • Visit https // appointment at
  • Go to the Right side label Book / View / Print / Cancel Your Appointment and Enter CGHS Beneficiary ID
  • Click Generate OTP
  • Enter the received OTP and Click Proceed
  • Check the beneficiary details and click proceed
  • Select City, Specialty, Doctor, and CGHS Dispensary online as per your choice and click on Proceed button.
  • Select a GDMO (General DutyMedical Officer) or the specialist of any CGHS wellness centre or particular medical college
  • Select the Date of Appointment in the calendar
  • Choose Desired Slot in the timing
  • Verify the data and check the changes of any required
  • Click Proceed and find all your details
  • Click Confirm to Book Appointment and get your appointment details
  • Now you can take a printout of the CGHS ors appointment for future reference.


Booking online appointments are easy and simple. Moreover, by booking an online appointment, you can avoid waiting in the queue for hours.

So, learn the procedure properly to book your appointment from the comfort of your home the next time. By visiting the official website, you can get online appointment booking number. 

However, if you want to seek treatment from CGHS empanelled hospitals for cghs empanelled hospitals, then taking online appointments won’t be enough. For this, book cghs online appointment first and then ask the doctor there to recommend you to CGHS empanelled hospitals.


Q. Can I make an appointment with the CGHS doctor today?

A. The online doctor’s appointment window doesn’t permit same-day appointments, although this may change based on administrative decisions, so you can check regularly if necessary.

Q. What would occur if you missed the CGHS doctor’s appointment?

A. After making an appointment with a CGHS doctor and failing to show up three times in a row, that doctor will be barred for one month.

Q. How to do CGHS online appointment Bangalore?

A. To book an appointment, you can visit cghs. nic. in/ors. No matter where in India, you want to book an appointment for healthcare services, book appointment option is the only choice. CGHS login online appointment is the only option to book your appointment. So, check cghs.nic/ors to book your appointment.

Q. Where to get CGHS Chennai online appointment?

A. You can visit to get an online CGHS Chennai appointment. Also, you can get CGHS online booking timings from there. 

Q. How to find CGHS approved hospital in Allahabad 2023?

A. Go to -> choose Allahabad city to find cghs approved hospitals in Allahabad.

Q. How to do CGHS online appointment booking Kolkata?

A. Go to cghs.ors or Kolkata online appointment page to book CGHS Dr appointments. And if you are not yet a beneficiary, then apply to CGHS using online apply link. You can use this link to book also CGHS online appointment Chandigarh, Hyderabad, or any other place in India.

Q. How To Check CGHS Timings in Hyderabad?

A. Just go to https // and check the timings of any place before appointment confirmation for any medical conditions.

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