CGHS Jodhpur


The Administration of all central Government offices situated in the city of Jodhpur, Ajmer and Kota must compulsorily deduct GGHS contribution from the salary of their employees whose residential addresses are within the jurisdiction (covered area) of CGHS Jodhpur wellness center in these three cities and it is clarified that the deduction of CGHS Jodhpur contribution is not linked to the applications for GGHS Jodhpur cards by the concerned employees, as the CGHS is a compulsory scheme for all eligible

The beneficiaries will be able to avail the CGHS Aizawl Centre during office hours i.e. from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm Sunday & holidays.

CGHS Covered Cities:

This Scheme is available in various cities in the country. These cities are as follows:

Soon to be Started

  • CGHS Kochi
  • CGHS Kannur
  • CGHS Kozikoda

CGHS Jodhpur Wellness Centres List

Sl No.

Name of the Wellness Centre and code

Name of the Incharge


Contact Number & e-mail ID

1.The CMO Incharge,

CGHS, Wellness Centre

Dr. Anand Kumari JoshiJodhpur, HPO Building, Station Road, Near Railway

Reservation Office, Jodhpur342001.


[email protected]


  1. What are the guidelines for vaccines under CGHS?
  2. The vaccines covered under Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) are administered as per schedule. Rest of the vaccines admissible as per the advice of Govt. Specialist.
  3. Is the prescription of specialists of empanelled hospitals valid in the Wellness Centre?
  4. Yes, Beneficiaries in all CGHS Cities can seek OPD consultation from Specialists in any of the CGHS empanelled hospitals after being referred by the Doctors of the Wellness Centre.
  5. How many times CGHS beneficiaries can Consult Specialists at the private empanelled hospital on referral by CGHS?
  6. The referral by CGHS is valid for a period of one month for consultation from anyone private empanelled hospital and CGHS beneficiary can visit the same empanelled hospital three times during the one month. During each visit, the beneficiary can consult up to 3 different specialists in the same hospital.
  7. What is the maximum period for which medicines can be given in one go under the CGHS Scheme?
  8. For the treatment of Chronic illnesses medicines up to three months are issued in one go, provided there is a valid prescription.

However, in case of a beneficiary visiting a foreign country, medicines up to six‟ months are issued in respect of chronic illnesses, based on valid prescription and documentary support of visit to a foreign country.

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