Details On Central Govt Health Scheme Card

Central Govt Health Scheme Card

Upon retirement, all Central Government pensioners and family pensioners who qualified for treatment under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) during their employment are entitled to use CGHS facilities, regardless of whether they used CGHS services during their employment. So, see below the central govt health scheme card.

Medical Benefits for Retirees Living in Non-CGHS-Eligible Areas:

An undertaking from the retiree and a certificate from the CGHS authorities stating that the area in question is not covered by the CGHS will be used by the Pension Sanctioning Authority to authorize pensioners living in non-CGHS areas to receive a monthly medical allowance of Rs. 100.

What is Covered Under CGHS-Central Government Health Scheme?

Comprehensive health coverage is offered by the Central Government Health Scheme and covers the following:

  • Medication treatment is provided by the Outpatient Department (OPD).
    The costs paid for the purchase of appliances, prosthetic limbs, hearing aids, etc. will be covered.
  • Expenses expended for treatment received in public or private hospitals will be reimbursed when the beneficiary experiences a medical emergency.
    Child health care, family welfare, and maternity.
  • Medical advice on all therapeutic modalities, including Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani, and Siddha.
  • Beneficiaries of CGHS can also use cashless facilities for treatment in-network hospitals.
  • As previously mentioned, each CGHS beneficiary receives a plastic card known as the CGHS card. The beneficiary’s unique ID number and photo are displayed on the card. To use CGHS facilities, this card is required.
  • The beneficiary must notify the police and the CGHS officials upon losing the card. To get a duplicate copy of the card, you will need to provide a copy of the FIR, an application to the Additional Director, and a penalty cost of Rs. 50.

How to Obtain a CGHS Card?

Those who qualify for the program as serving employees or pensioners must submit an application that has been properly completed and is available on the websites and

Wellness facilities might also provide you with the form.

Serving Employees:

In addition to the application form previously indicated, supporting documentation such as proof of residency, proof of the dependent’s age, and proof of stay is required.

If the dependent has a disability, a certificate of disability from an appropriate authority must be shown.


For pensioners, the relevant authority shall receive the application form properly completed, attested copies of the PPO/Provisional PPO/Last Pay Certificate, and a demand draft payable to “PAO CGHS New Delhi”.

Provision for Obtaining a Central Govt Health Scheme Card While Still Employed:

A worker who is presently employed by a central government agency may apply for a Central Govt Health Scheme Card for pensioners while still employed.

The employee only needs to send the demand draft and the application with the enclosures through his organization to do this. However, the pensioner card will only be provided once the individual retires.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for CHGS?

As long as they live in a region covered by the CGHS, all central government employees, pensioners, and their dependents are eligible for the program. In addition, the following are also qualified for the CGHS program:

  • Fighters for freedom
  • Past governors as well as lieutenants
  • Retired High Court judges and Railway Board personnel
  • Current and former parliamentarians
  • Workers in the Department of Posts

Deletion or Addition of Names in the Central Govt Health Scheme Card:

A service employee can add the name of their spouse or child after they get married or have a child by submitting the form that has been properly endorsed by their department.

Should the cardholder pass away, the card will be considered void, and the dependent will need to apply for a new card and provide their previous Central Govt Health Scheme Card and death certificate.

By notifying the CGHS department, the names on the card can be removed if the cardholder’s dependent passes away.

Validity of the Central Govt Health Scheme Card:

A serving employee’s CGHS card is good until the day of their retirement.

Pensioner cards with annual contributions must be completed one year before the completion year for their validity to remain.

Only CGHS cities accept the CGHS card.

A conventional CGHS card can be obtained from the local CGHS city by pensioners who live outside of the CGHS territories.

Central Govt Health Scheme Card

Features of Central Govt Health Scheme Card:

  • The card must be turned in to the relevant department after it expires. Should a renewal be necessary, the necessary paperwork needs to be completed and turned in.
  • It is not possible to transfer the CGHS card to another individual.
    If the card is used improperly, there will be fines and disciplinary action against government employees.
  • The CGHS card has a colored stripe at the top and is white. The four colors of the strips are yellow, green, blue, and red. The cardholder’s status is indicated by the colored strip. Red designates members of parliament, and blue signifies that the cardholder is a current government official.
  • The green stripe hue stands for freedom fighters, retirees, retired employees, and former members of parliament; the yellow stripe color is for journalists and recipients of independent organizations.

How to Enroll for the Central Government Health Scheme

CGHS enrollment is a simple procedure. People can sign up on the official website or stop by the closest dispensary.

To register for the Central Government Health Scheme online, you must fill out an application and send in the required paperwork.

Eligible people can start the Central Government Health Scheme card download process on the official CGHS website in order to receive its benefits.

The following actions are necessary to enroll in CGHS:

Get the application here:

The Central Government Health Scheme application form can be picked up at authorized CGHS dispensaries or on the official website at

Complete the Central Government Health Scheme application. Complete the form and affix the necessary paperwork.

Send in the form:

Send the completed form and supporting documentation to the CGHS office that is closest to your home.

Verification and Processing:

Your application will be processed by the CGHS office when your documents have been verified.

Upon approval, you will be issued a Central Government Health Scheme smart card, which is your passcode to use the program’s benefits.


To secure the health and well-being of these heroes and their families during their duty and in their golden years, the Indian government launched the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), which provides easily accessible and all-inclusive healthcare coverage.

It is an important resource for the health of its beneficiaries because of its extensive network of healthcare providers, clear pricing structure, and complete coverage.

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