CGHS Bareilly Wellness Centres List

CGHS Bareilly


The Central Government Health Scheme i.e. CGHS Bareilly has now added to the list of CGHS covered cities. It provides comprehensive health care services for the Central Govt. employees and to their dependent as well as pensioners and their dependents residing in CGHS Bareilly. The medical services are offered through the Wellness Centres or CGHS Dispensaries such as 

  • Ayurveda 
  • Allopathic
  • Homeopathic 
  • Yoga
  • Unani, 
  • Sidha systems of medicines.

CGHS Covered Cities:

This Scheme is available in various cities in the country. These cities are as follows:

Soon to be Started

  • CGHS Kochi
  • CGHS Kannur
  • CGHS Kozikoda

CGHS Bareilly Wellness Centre List

Sl No.

Name of the Hospital


Phone No.


1.Keshlata Cancer HospitalDelapeer, Stadium road, Bareilly05812300647General Purposes
2.Gangasheel Advanced Medical ResearchC-17 D.D Puram, Bareilly-24312205812302017General Purposes


  1. Are step-children allowed CGHS facilities?
  2. Yes, if they are dependent on the cardholder and other conditions being fulfilled as in the case of dependant sons and daughters.
  3. Can dependent in-laws be included under family members for CGHS facilities?
  4. A lady Government servant has the option to include either her parents or parents-in-law for the purpose of availing the benefits under CGHS subject to the condition of dependence and residence, etc., being satisfied.
  5. How many times CGHS beneficiaries can Consult Specialists at the private empanelled hospital on referral by CGHS?
  6. The referral by CGHS is valid for a period of one month for consultation from anyone private empanelled hospital and CGHS beneficiary can visit the same empanelled hospital three times during the one month. During each visit, the beneficiary can consult up to three different specialists in the same hospital.
  7. What is the procedure for undergoing treatment/investigations recommended by Specialist at private empanelled hospital, after referral by CGHS?
  8. The investigations/treatment advised by Specialists of Private empanelled hospitals (after referral by CGHS) may be undertaken in the same hospital if they are needed in an emergency.

If there is no emergency, the investigations advised by Specialists of Private empanelled hospitals are required to be endorsed by the Medical Officer of CGHS as part of checks and balances in the system.

  1. What is the maximum period for which medicines can be given in one go?
  2. For the treatment of Chronic illnesses medicines up to 3 months are issued in one go, provided there is a valid prescription.

In the case of a beneficiary visiting a foreign country, medicines up to 6 months are issued in respect of chronic illnesses, based on valid prescription and documentary support of visit to a foreign country. 

  1. Is there a provision for the collection of medicines from the WC by an authorized person? 
  2. Yes, the Central Government Health Scheme beneficiaries can authorize a representative to collect medicines from CGHS Wellness Centre on the basis of a valid prescription.

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