Royal Sundaram Health Insurance


Royal Sundaram Health Insurance offers extensive health plans that come to light with massive benefits for its policyholder and their family and dependent. Health insurance policies from this insurance company are affordable and flexible with several sums insured alternatives to meet your specific needs.

It offers a wide variety of health insurance policies starting from elementary health insurance coverage to some special health insurance policies that deliver maternity cover and growing sum insured mechanically each year, no matter if you even make any claim.

Customers can as well get cash advantage plans that will cover the non- hospitalization costs like transportation cost during the hospitalization, etc.

Key Features & Benefits


Key Features & Benefits Of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance:

Just like other insurance companies Royal Sundaram Health Insurance has some of the unique key features and benefits. So, let’s now check out the key features and benefits of this Health Insurance policy company:

  • Pre & Post expenses of Hospitalization
  • 100% reload of the Sum Insured (no extra expense)
  • Daycare processes cover for up to 200 days
  • Cover for pre-existing diseases after 3 years of waiting period
  • Get an increasing bonus for each claim free year up to 100 percent of the total basic sum insured
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) specialized claims process
  • Tax profit under section 80(D)
  • Cashless hospitalization network over in 3000+ hospitals
  • Lifetime renewal
  • Maternity cover

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Coverage Of Royal


Coverage Of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

Domiciliary hospitalization expenses

Pre & post hospitalization charges

In-patient Hospitalization

Daycare processes

Ambulance charges

Precautionary health care and wellness

Vaccination in the case of any animal bite

Health check-up etc.

Exclusions Of The Royal Sundaram


Exclusions Of The Royal Sundaram Health Insurance:

List of things that the company does not cover under this health insurance company’s plan:

Pre-existing medicinal conditions won’t be covered

Hazardous or Adventurous sports

Addictive conditions and disorders

Claim Procedure Of The Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plan:

In the case of strategic hospitalization, the Royal health insurance should be dejected within just 48 hours earlier to the hospitalization and in the case of some emergency just within 24 hours.

These following facts require to be given:

  • Name of the covered individual
  • Hospital information
  • Doctor’s name who is treating the insured person
  • Diagnosis
  • Date of the Hospitalization &
  • Expected Discharge

Claim Reimbursement


Claim Reimbursement Procedure Of The Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plan:

Except for the listed network hospital facilities, you can as well claim through the usual reimbursement procedure through these following methods:

Inform the health insurance policy company via their helpline number 1860 425 0000

Email to the official email id- . in

You will get the notification on online also

Important claim documents required to make the claim

Essential Documents Require

Essential documents require to be filled up & then send it to this health insurance Corporate Office. The subsequent documents require to be given together with filled up claim form as well as the Doctor’s Documentation:

  • Doctor’s Certificate
  • Discharge Summary
  • I.R in the case of an accident
  • Diagnostic Investigation Reports

List of the Royal Sundaram Health Insurance:

  1. Lifeline Health Insurance Policies
  2. Family Plus Health Insurance Policies

Lifeline Health Insurance


Lifeline Health Insurance Policies

Lifeline health insurance policy is a holistic insurance plan from this health insurance that covers the requirements of you and your family and dependent.

Any person over 18 years old can buy the Lifeline plan. The Lifeline work both as an Individual policy and as a Family Floater policy for you and your children & spouse.


This Lifeline Health Insurance Policy has 3 types. These types are Lifeline Classic, Lifeline Supreme, and Lifeline Elite

Family Plus Health Insurance


Family Plus Health Insurance Policies

Family Plus health insurance policy is an exclusive plan which offers comprehensive health cover at a reasonable price. The Family Plus health plan is a Family Floater Policy, which is considered specifically for huge families and it provides coverage about 19 relations.

Family Plus health insurance is a policy cover that is easy to purchase and simple to understand. This policy offers an exclusive advantage where each policyholder’s family member will get a separate sum assured apart from the family floater sum assured as well as reload benefit.


The client has to select one separate sum assured and one family floater sum assured from several options.