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Most of us, who are fond of traveling, do not even know about the types of travel insurance coverage offered. So, now before you plan your next trip, take a look at the best travel insurance in India and about every other details regarding the travel policy in India. According to your liking, you can buy any of the best travel insurance in India.

Who does not love to travel? We often come across some unpleasant circumstances in the course of traveling that causes the necessity of the travel insurance policy. Armed with a travel insurance policy, we fight with adverse circumstances better. So let’s now know in details about the best travel policy in India.

travel insurance

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What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an insurance policy that provides extensive protection to the travelers so that they do not have to undergo any monetary loss at the time of your holidays. Travel policy in India protects the policyholder/s at the time of medical emergencies because of accident and sickness.

Apart from the medical coverage, travel policy in India similarly offers monetary reimbursement in case of damage of important documents such as flight boarding permit or passport. Best travel insurance in India likewise covers the damage because of delay or loss of baggage. Cancellation and delay of air travel are as well covered by the travel policy in India.

Travel insurance can be modified if travelers pursue improved security. Irrespective of whether you purchase travel insurance with regular ones or advanced features, it is vital to compare travel insurance in India. Overall, comprehensive travel insurance is indispensable for all the travelers since it offers much-required peace of mind during journeys. Go through the article to know everything about the best travel insurance in India.


In the event that you are planning an outing abroad, you should purchase the best travel insurance in India in advance.

types of travel policy

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Types Of Travel Policy In India:

You can select any coverage that is appropriate for your necessity. The travel insurance policy provides coverage against all the possible emergency circumstances at the time of the journey.

Domestic Travel Policy in India:

Domestic insurance policies are suitable for traveling in India. It covers medical emergencies and provides compensation in case of permanent disability and death, lost luggage, travel delay, personal liability, etc. If you are planning a road trip or any small trip within India, then consider buying a travel insurance policy today.

International Travel Policy in India:

International insurance policy cover is for people traveling abroad. With this plan, you are covered for medical emergencies, loss of luggage, delays in travel, etc. With many insurance providers, in this case, you get a wide range of options and therefore it is recommended that you compare international travel policies and then buy.


Before buying insurance for your journey, you need to decide whom you want to cover.

personal travel policy

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Here are some coverage options available to you:

Personal Travel Policy in India:

This type of cover is for a single person either for business or tour purposes. You can buy this cover for a single person or group of individuals as per your requirement. You get the flexibility to customize your policy according to your specific travel needs. You can choose from a variety of available options according to your needs:

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Medical Travel Policy in India:

A medical travel insurance policy is a short-term yet one of the best travel insurance in India. This plan is planned to cover precisely the medical expenses and health care such as evacuation and medical emergency etc. when a person traveling abroad.


The exact exclusions and inclusions depend on the insurance policy provider.

corporate travel insurance

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Corporate Travel Policy in India:

As the name suggests, this kind of policy is provided for business visits by employees. In it, according to the company’s norms, both international and domestic covers are included. It covers not only the needs of many visits in one year but also covers the following:

  • Personal belongings
  • Business equipment like laptops and tablets
  • Additional travel expenses, such as discounted connecting flights etc.

Student Travel Policy in India:

For those who are planning to go overseas for higher study, this insurance cover is a must buy for them. It covers students for emergency medical expenses as well as certain benefits, such as sending home remedies for medical treatment, losing passports, etc.


There is the least paperwork required in the student travel insurance plans in India.

family travel policy

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Family Travel Policy in India:

With this type of cover, your whole family is covered under a single travel policy. It includes your parents / father-in-law, spouse, child, and relatives in some cases. The benefits given in this policy are similar to those given in all travel policies.

Group Travel Policy in India:

Group travel insurance policy, as the name itself suggests, is a kind of travel insurance plan that protects a group of people who neither are interrelated to each other by blood nor are going to a place together.

The group of individuals could be fellows of an office or institute, who are now going to an overseas trip to contribute in an action or something like that. The group travel insurance policy in India saves a lot on the premium.

Senior citizen travel Policy in India:

These are plans which provide insurance cover for senior citizens’ traveling abroad. It is suitable for elderly people who are going to meet their children abroad. Some companies also provide additional benefits like Cashless Payment and Dental Treatment as part of such best Travel Insurance in India. Apart from this, this option is available for both domestic and international trips.


Generally, 61-70 years old people are covered under it.

single trip

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Single Trip Travel Policy in India

In the case of an international journey, there are some people who only require a single travel / vacation to cover coverage. So they choose Single Trip Travel Insurance (Single Travel Insurance) which covers only one trip. This kind of travel insurance policy provides coverage for a single journey. It takes special care of the medical or the health insurance as well as of the non-medical crises at the time of travel together with coverage for damage of the checked-in luggage.

Multi Trip Travel Policy in India

There is also the option of Multiple Trip Insurance as a way to give a discount to a person who travels internationally several times a year. The multi Trip travel insurance policy is a sort of travel insurance plan that offers extended coverage generally for a year, especially planned for the frequent fliers so that they do not have to smear for insurance policy every time the traveler travels.

These are basic travel insurance policies that you can choose according to your coverage requirements.


However, in the case of different plans and companies, the terms are given in the plan and the finer letters are different. So, before purchasing the best travel insurance in India, it is very important for you to take some time to do some research on it and compare travel insurance in India

Process To Buy Travel Policy

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What Is The Process To Buy Travel Policy in India?

  • Firstly, you compare the plans of various insurance companies on a third party site. Once you understand the purpose of buying it then click on the appropriate policy link for yourself
  • After this, you will go from the third party website to the company’s website which sells the travel insurance policy
  • After selecting the Travel Insurance Policy / Plan / Package, you can click on the ‘Buy Policy’ tab
  • After that, you will have to answer some basic questions about your foreign tour
  • Give the correct answer to all these questions and click on the ‘Get Quote’ button
  • After this, you will find out how much you will have to pay for this travel plan
  • Once you are done with finding the perfect travel insurance for you, then you can buy the policy by clicking on the payment option.


Many people think buying travel insurance is a waste of money. However, you should know that this is actually a major part of planning your journey. In fact, you must buy it to always be on the safe side.

benefits of travel insurance

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What Benefits Do You Get From The Travel Policy in India?

If you miss the flight or have a break, it helps you

If your luggage is lost or there is a delay in reaching on time for some reason then its compensation is available

In case of cash, passport or other travel documents missing, it helps you to get a duplicate passport

In case of accident, illness etc. you get help for medical expenditure

Extra expenditure in the event of travel from time to time due to any natural disaster, political reason or other reason is also covered in the travel policy.


Now you must have realized that Travel Insurance is not really a waste of money but it can prove to be helpful for you in a new place in case of an unexpected event.

best travel insurance

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Best Travel Policy in India:

Here are the names of some of the renowned companies that provide the best travel insurance in India.

  1. SBI travel Insurance
  2. TATA AIG Travel Insurance
  3. Religare Travel Insurance
  4. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance
  5. Bharti AXA Travel Insurance
  6. HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance
  7. Future Generali Travel insurance
  8. Cholamandalam Travel Insurance
  9. IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance
  10. Apollo Munich Travel Insurance

highlights of travel insurance

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Highlights of Travel Policy in India:

Either the purpose of buying online or offline travel insurance is to be safe and prepared for the phenomenal events that someone can face on their journey. Every insurance provider comes forward with the standard policy, along with various benefits, to be ahead of its competitors in the market. But it is important for you to know some important features before purchasing the insurance plan.

A travel policy in India covers you against the late minute closure or delay in traveling from one place to another. In the same city arising due to delays, the flights come under the switching policy due to expenses, cancellations, and reductions for hotel accommodation.

Each travel policy will provide cover for legal liabilities with other legal expenses. This is in addition to medical and travel accommodation expenditure. Some insurers also offer you home theft coverage when you are away. Make inquiries from your insurance provider.

Always select a travel policy in India which provides cover for medical emergencies when you are in foreign lands. The travel insurance policy will take care of medical expenses such as recruitment in hospital, treatment for physical injuries, ambulance costs etc.


If you are buying insurance for travel abroad, make sure that the policy covers you for flight delays and cancellations. In such cases, while selecting housing, this benefit will help you.