Two-wheelers are certainly the best by large for the ease of daily commute. They offer an easy and swift ride, be it through smaller lanes or triumphant highways. Among two-wheelers, Honda Activa is a stand-out, especially for new buyers. Moreover, Honda Activa is available in multiple variants, with newer models coming up in the pipeline.

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Now, let’s take a look at what makes the Honda Activa the perfect partner for your daily commute.

  1. Reliability of Honda’s Engine and Build Quality

Honda has been developing robust two-wheelers in India since 1995. It has garnered unmatched trust among its customers over time. Honda Activa is no exception; it has a metal body and a redefined and super smooth engine. This factor makes the Honda Activa a reliable model to go for when it comes to daily use.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Servicing

Compared to other two-wheelers in the market, Honda Activa has a wide availability of service centres throughout the country. As a result, the vehicle parts are easily available. It also offers a high mileage which makes it a perfect two-wheeler for regular use.

Honda Activa comes with durable parts in its factory make. Hence, the need for servicing is minimal. Plus, even if servicing is required, the parts and the service centres are widespread and easily available in the country.

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  1. Comfortable Seating and Adequate Storage

The comfortable seating arrangement of Activa makes it easier to ride on the highways as well as on rocky lanes. This makes a lot of difference to the ride quality and handling performance. Additionally, adequate storage makes it easier to carry luggage for longer rides.

  1. High Resale Value

Among all the two-wheelers in the market, Honda’s resale value is truly worth it. Its best-in-class parts and incredible customer service experience makes it perfect for a rider. In case you need to sell your vehicle, you can make the most value out of your Honda Activa.

  1. Safety

Along with a comfortable riding experience, Activa is also equipped with a combi-brake system for safety. Hence, not only the ease of riding, but Honda has also ensured a rider’s safety. This linking of the rear and front brakes helps the rider to stop immediately in uncomfortable situations.

      An Extra Layer of Protection for Your Two-Wheeler

After buying a Honda Activa, the first thing you should do is to choose a suitable insurance policy from a reputable insurance company. No matter how well you may have mastered your driving skills, there is always an innate risk of accidents. Having a Honda Activa insurance plan will blanket you with an extra layer of protection during an unforeseen event especially when you are traversing through bumpy roads & unfamiliar terrains.

  1. Sophisticated Looks

Honda Activa comes with a stylish and elegant exterior. Its looks determine comfort and luxury for daily usage.  When you hit the road, rest assured of being a true stand out among other riders with this gem of a two-wheeler.

  1. An Approximate Idea of the Maintenance Costs

Although equipped with strong and durable parts, maintenance is still a necessary and indispensable part of owning any two-wheeler for that matter. One version of Activa, the Activa 5G, has a maintenance cost for 2 years which is around Rs.4,770. The service charge for the first 3 servicing is free, which is divided into kilometres as 1000 km, 4000 km, and 8000 km respectively.

Now that you have a fair idea about what makes Honda Activa an ideal purchase for daily use, weigh in all the factors and take a call!

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