Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

Two-Wheeler InsuranceBajaj Allianz Two Wheeler insurance (Bajaj two wheeler insurance policy) policy is a prominent guarantor in the insurance industry that offers two-wheeler insurance policies with poles apart coverage and benefits. It offers coverage, which is more significant for both the third-party person or property and you. The Bajaj Two Wheeler insurance policy is a combined scheme between the “Allianz SE” and the “Bajaj Finserv Limited”.

The Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler insurance plan (Bajaj two wheeler insurance plan) covers two-wheeler such as or bike and scooter against the third-party charge, physical damage, theft, and injury. It provides comprehensive coverage. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler insurance policy (Bajaj two wheeler insurance policy) has an easy and quick claim settlement process that makes Bajaj Allianz a unique insurance plan. Let’s know in details about the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance plan (Bajaj two wheeler insurance).

What is A Bajaj Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

A two-wheeler insurance plan covers you monetarily against the damages to the insured scooter or bike and injuries because of unexpected events like thefts, natural disasters, or accidents. Two-wheeler insurance plans also cover against monetary charges arising out of damages or losses produced by an accident with the insured scooter or bike to the third-party. Two-wheeler insurance plans provide monetary security against such losses and damages.

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Coverage of Bajaj two wheeler insurance policy:

The Bajaj two wheeler insurance plans give coverage for these:

Third Party Liability Coverage:

The Bajaj two wheeler insurance policy covers legal responsibility to the third parties. Therefore it covers for any loss, damage, bodily harm or death produced to a third person or the property of a third person by your insured two-wheeler. Buying at least the third-party auto insurance policy is compulsory in India.

Damage Or Loss Because Of Man-Made Disasters:

Not just natural calamities that can affect your two-wheeler but man-made disasters can also affect the vehicle. And these man-made disasters can be as unexpected as those of natural calamities. The Bajaj two wheeler insurance policy covers against theft, burglary, strike, riot, other malicious act and accident by outside means or for terrorist activity.

Personal Accident Coverage:

The two-wheeler insurance policy has personal accident coverage of INR 100000/- for the driver or the owner. This covers misfortunes that occur during driving the motor vehicle or at the time of traveling or at the time of mounting or dismounting in your vehicle.

One can also avail the personal accident coverage for a passenger rider in this policy, which is merely available in other two-wheeler insurance coverage.

Damage Or Loss Because Of The Natural Disasters:

The Bajaj two wheeler insurance plans cover for fire, lightning or self-ignition, explosion, earthquake, typhoon, flood, hurricane, tempest, storm, inundation, hailstorm, cyclone, frost, rockslide, and landslide.

Basic Benefits of Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

A Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy (Bajaj Two-Wheeler Insurance policy) has a lot of features and benefits to make it the ideal plan for the two-wheelers:

Transfer Of The “No Claim Bonus”:

You can handover up to 50 percent of the “No Claim Bonus” or NCB from your Bajaj two wheeler insurance supplier. The No Claim Bonus is actually compensation from the insurance company for not creating a claim on the two-wheeler insurance policy. In the Bajaj two wheeler insurance plan one can transfer the “No Claims Bonus” from the last two-wheeler insurance policy to the new one.

Online Buying And Renewal Of The Policy:

One can buy or renew the Bajaj two wheeler insurance policies online with a few clicks in just few seconds. It is that convenient and easy. One can avail instant two-wheeler insurance policy without any hassle of paperwork.

Instant Support:

Relish round-the-clock claims support and speedy SMS updates of the claims status via Bajaj Allianz insurance call centers.

Hassle-Free Renewal:

When your insurance plan will be expired, then no checkup is required to renew it via the online platform.

Quick Settlement Of Claims:

Relish hassle-free, cashless, and speedy settlement of claims through Bajaj two wheeler insurance network of garages across the city. Bajaj two wheeler insurance policy’s procedures are planned to minimalize the time on the claims.

Features of Bajaj Allianz Two-wheeler insurance plans:

  • It has mid-term for the cancellation refund
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit after the claim
  • It has minimum 1 year to maximum 3 years coverage period
  • This policy has a minimum 1-year renewal frequency to maximum 3 years of renewal frequency

Exclusions Of The Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance plans:

The Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance policy doesn’t cover for the following events:

  • Burglary or theft of accessories from bike or scooter, except the motor vehicle is taken at that time of the theft.
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown of your two-wheeler
  • Usual wear and tear and common aging of the motor vehicle as these are expected progress that eventually affects every motor vehicle.
  • Damage produced to the bike or scooter when driven without a license
  • Two-wheeler drove and got damage under the effect of liquor, alcohol or drugs
  • The insurance company is responsible for simply up to 50 percent of the tire and tube replacement cost.
  • Loss or damage produced because of a mutiny act, war, or a nuclear bomb.