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A car insurance policy is basically an insurance strategy that provides the vehicle with the necessary financial cover against a variety of theft, damages, and third-party liability. Although, we’re conscious of the matter that in India, in case you drive your vehicle without any legal auto insurance policy then you may have to recompense a penalty for that act. So, it is mandatory to buy and renew the car insurance plan on time. But nowadays we are so busy in our daily life that we don’t have sufficient time to go physically to the car insurance office to renew the policy. That is why today I have come with a simple procedure for car insurance renewal online.

What Is Car Insurance in India

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What Is Car Insurance in India?

Car Insurance is the best auto insurance plan to guard your car against monetary emergencies, including physical damage, legal liability, traffic collision, physical injury, and so many more. Car insurance in India offers many beneficial and useful features that can definitely help the insured at the time of need.

Using the auto insurance strategy, the insured will be subject to theft, accident, explosion, fire, electricity, self-ignition, riot, act of violence by terrorist, assault, loss of car because of transportation, rail, air, lift, and road and natural disasters (Flood, Earthquake, etc.) or the needed cover against damage.

It will also provide the necessary cover in contradiction of all monetary liabilities which harm a third party’s death or injury or property.

Personal misfortunes will also cover under numerous auto insurance.

Car insurance is essential in India, so picking wisely plays a vital role in purchasing car insurance. At the present time, when it comes to capitalizing in an auto insurance policy, there will be countless options that an individual can easily discover.


With the help of online insurance portals, it is now very easy for an individual to purchase the preferred insurance plan and also car insurance renewal online.

Checklist For The Car Insurance Renewal Online

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Checklist For The Car Insurance Renewal Online

Here I have provided you the checklist for the car insurance renewal online in India. With the help of this checklist, you will be able to get the best. So, check out the checklist for the car insurance renewal online carefully below:

Find Out The Appropriate Coverage:

In case you only possess a third party liability plan then you have to consider buying a comprehensive car insurance plan. This comprehensive car insurance policy will cover against heavy costs of repairing the car in the case of an accident.

Check Insured Declared Value (IDV):

You need to get appropriately recompensed in the case of loss or theft. Be contingent on your vehicle’s age; re-evaluate the vehicle’s IDV against your premiums. By doing this, you would get to know whether you’ve got the top price of your vehicle or not.

Engine Guard:

The policyholder can claim the rate of replacing or repairing the engine of the insured vehicle in case the car gets damaged for some reason.

Check Claims

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Check Claims:

Checking claims makes an enormous difference in purchasing any insurance plan. In case you have not checked those claims percentage of the previous guarantor, do not forget to verify the claims before buying any insurance and even before car insurance renewal online.

Check Whether The Insurance Company Provide Cashless Garages:

Make sure you check for the list of garages that are near your locality and also provide cashless service to your vehicle, which means repair your car for free of cost. So checking cashless garages is another important step to car insurance renewal online.

Check Add-ons:

The add-ons are one of the most important steps to check before you headed for car insurance renewal online. If your vehicle’s age is not more than 5 years then consider insurance plans such as Engine Protector or Zero Depreciation or Return-to-Invoice (RTI).

Discounts & Deductibles:

Check whether you have got all the discounts, which you are entitled to your car insurance renewal online. A deductible specifies the quantity you would have to give every single time before the claim. In case your policy comprises deductible then make sure that the amount fits your economical budget.

 Roadside Support

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Roadside Support:

The roadside support cover proves to be very effective as well as a lifesaver in case you are trapped in the middle of a road because of a breakdown of your vehicle. You can get facilities including minor repairs, towing, battery jump, fuel, etc. under the roadside support Add-on.

Consumable Cover:

Normally the replacing or the repairing cost of the consumables in auto insurance is subtracted at the period of the claim. Nevertheless, with Consumable Insurance, this price won’t be subtracted from your claim amount.

Zero Depreciation:

With zero depreciation Add-on in the car insurance policy, your guarantor won’t consider the devaluation of your vehicle at the period of the claim. At times, devaluation can amount not more than 50% of your claim value.

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Return-to-Invoice (RTI):

In the course of natural calamity or theft, in case your vehicle is well thought-out as “total loss,” then you will be able to claim the ex-showroom worth of your vehicle under the Return-to-Invoice (RTI) cover.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Guard:

With the No Claim Bonus (NCB) Add-on the policyholder gets the allowance to make 2 claims, however still can recollect his or her No Claim Bonus (NCB). So do not ever forget to check the NCB protect before you headed for the car insurance renewal online.

Required Details For The Car Insurance Renewal Online

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Required Details For The Car Insurance Renewal Online:

To speed up the procedure of your car insurance renewal online, you have to be prepared with some details required for the car insurance renewal online. Here I have provided you the list of particulars you will require for your car insurance renewal online:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Address
  • Model Details of Your Car
  • Registration Number of Your Car
  • Previous Policy No. of Your Car
  • Chosen Add-ons for your car insurance
  • Payment details etc.

Step By Step Instructions to Car Insurance Renewal Online:

  • Visit your car insurance’s official website
  • Select the renewal option from there
  • Now enter your car insurance’s previous policy details in the required boxes
  • Check for NCB in case you did not claimed any
  • The NCB benefit will discount on the auto insurance premium
  • Then put all the required personal details in the boxes
  • Submit the renewal form and that will be all for your car insurance renewal

Bottom Line:

If you did not make any claim at the time period of your previous policy then you will get the No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit at the time of the car insurance renewal online.


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