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Third party car insurance shields you from any lawful obligation because of the association of your own car in a mishap. Be it demise, inability, damage, or sizeable property harm to a third party, your guarantor adjusts for it. Thus, you are protected from the money related obligation emerging towards a third party. So, let’s know about the cheapest third party car insurance.

What Is Third Party Car Insurance in India:

Third Party Car Insurance

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Before understanding third party car insurance, we must know what a “third party” is. Actually, there are three parties considered in relation to auto insurance-

First Party:

The party (person or entity) that buys insurance is the First Party. In relation to insurance, the insurance customer is considered to be the first party.

Second Party:

The party that sells insurance policy is the Second Party. The insurance company has been treated as a second party in relation to insurance.


Any person or property is other than the insurance customer and the insurance company (which may ever come in the grip) has been considered a third party in relation to insurance. That is, anyone who will ever get hit by a collision with your vehicle will be considered a third party. So, getting the cheapest third party insurance is easier

Third-party car insurance is an insurance policy that neither benefits the insured (First Party) nor does the insurer (Second Party = Second Party) benefit. Rather this insurance has the benefit of any other damaged person or goods (Third Party). Only the other person or property who has been harmed by your vehicle or machine will be awarded damages. There will be no compensation for damage to you or your vehicle.

Types Of Third-Party Car Insurance:

There are three types of third party car insurance. These are…

third party liability


The lawful risk of the cover if there should be an occurrence of death or damage to the third party is boundless. In the event that the third party loses his/her life because of a mishap, the insurance organization offers demise pay even under the cheapest 3rd party car insurance.

However, the remuneration of the unfortunate casualty is chosen by the Motor Tribunal. This depends on different variables like the effect on the injured individual’s family and not restricted to the gaining limit of the person in question.

In the event that the third party gets harmed because of the mishap, the cheapest third party car insurance for car covers ideal from minor wounds to significant cracks.

Any incomplete or lasting aggregate incapacity continued amid a mishap, the third party risk covers the pay of the loss of the person in question.

Despite the fact that substantial misfortunes can’t be redressed, outsider car insurance offers money related remuneration.

Property Damage:

Property Damage


If the mischance results in harm to any property, at that point a remuneration for the misfortunes jumped out at the property are settled. Also, this is finished by the third party insurance cover.

According to the IRDA standards, third-party property harms are concealed to a whole of Rs.7.5 lakh. Be that as it may, you have the alternative to limit the cheapest third party car insurance inclusion up to Rs. 6,000. In the event that you settle on a lesser inclusion, it will bring down the premiums included.

Personal Accident Cover for Owner:

Personal Accident Cover for Owner

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Driver: In a mishap, the demise or any substantial wounds supported by the proprietor driver of the vehicle is secured by the outsider insurance.

Cheapest Third Party Car Insurance:

Cheapest Third Party Car Insurance a


While this is known to all that a car insurance approach is compulsory in India, not very many realize that the base dimension of the prerequisite of such a strategy is the cheapest Third Party Car Insurance. Be that as it may, you can likewise have more broad cover through a Fully Comprehensive strategy. So don’t forget to think about car insurance arrangements before you get one.

There are three sorts of car insurance arrangements – completely extensive, third party fire and burglary, and the third party. Of these, completely far-reaching car insurance is by and large viewed as the most costly cover as it offers the greatest assurance under the cheapest third party car insurance.

Third-Party car insurance is relatively less expensive. Be that as it may, the value contrast between these two sorts of car insurance approaches may shift in various cases. So, you can easily avail the cheapest third party car insurance

In a few designs offered by the car insurance organizations, a comprehensive car insurance inclusion may end up being less expensive than the cheapest third party car insurance arrangement.

In this manner, to get the best arrangement and the correct one according to your need, you ought to do car insurance correlation and furthermore make certain about the scope of inclusion you would require. Try not to get influenced by rates, for in the event that you meet a mishap, you may not be in a situation to pay your fixed bills or buy another car.

Some of the Best And Cheapest Third Party car Insurance in India:

  • New India Assurance Company Limited
  • National Insurance Company Limited
  • United Insurance Company Limited
  • ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
  • Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company
  • The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
  • BAJAJ ALLIANZ General Insurance Company Limited
  • Reliance General Insurance Company Limited
  • HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited
  • TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited


Q. What is third-party insurance?

A. Third-party car insurance is an insurance policy that neither benefits the insured (First Party) nor does the insurer (Second Party = Second Party) benefit. Rather this insurance has the benefit of any other damaged person or goods (Third Party).

Q. Do private and commercial vehicles both need insurance?

A. Yes, both private and commercial vehicles need at least third party car insurance in India

Q. Can I skip buying third-party car insurance? I drive my vehicle really well.

A. NO. No matter how good you are at driving, you can’t skip buying third party car insurance in India. as it is mandatory.

Q. Who can purchase a 3rd party insurance?

A. Anyone, with a vehicle, can purchase a third party car insurance

Q. If I want to sell my car, can I transfer the third party liability auto insurance to the new owner?

A. YES. In that case, you will have to submit all the required document to the insurance company.

Q. Can I buy third party insurance online?

A. YES. Nowadays every type of insurance is available online. However. not every insurance company has such a facility.

Q. Can I switch from a third-party policy to a comprehensive policy on renewal?

A. YES. You can switch from third-party car insurance to a comprehensive policy. But in that case your premium, coverage everything will change

Q. Is it mandatory to buy car insurance in India?

A. YES. It is mandatory to purchase at least a third party car insurance in India.

Q. Why is buying third-party car insurance mandatory in India?

A. According to Section 146 of Vehicles Act, 1988, at least a third-party insurance is mandatory in India for anyone to be able to drive safely on Indian roads.

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