Health Card facilities for Senior Citizens

Health Card Facilities for Senior Citizens

Health Card Facilities for Senior Citizens

In India, there are several schemes on health care for senior citizens issued by the Government to avail a lot of benefits. These schemes are there to help senior citizens to decrease the economic burden. Health card for senior citizens is among them.

The Indian Government has announced several schemes for the betterment of senior citizens. Health card for senior citizens is one of the most beneficial schemes. This year the Government has announced aadhaar-based smart health card for senior citizens through LIC savings. Though this card, one can get 8% interest rate.

Steps to get health card for a senior citizen

  1. Be extremely careful while filling up the required information. Wrong information can lead your application to a rejection. So, fill up the policy in a calm mind.
  2. The applicant will have to go through several numbers of basic health checkups. These necessary check-ups may also lead to taking tests such as blood test for sure, diabetes test, urine test, eye test and so many more.
  3. The insurance company’s doctor will verify these tests to see whether you are able to get the health card for senior citizens.
  4. Policy holder won’t get cover for the discovered diseases.
  5. Once you become a policy holder then you will be able to avail up to INR 10,00-20,000 for excise exemption under the Section 80D.

Though there are a few health insurances for the senior citizens, which don’t require any kind of medical test to become a policy holder or get the health card for senior citizens.

In the present time the cost of medicines and other medical treatment are going beyond our reach. Day-by-day the price of essential commodities are raising a lot. So, the treatment cost to raising beyond imagination. Thus, we all need health insurance. Especially the senior citizens as their income are not rising anymore but the expenses increasing.


health card for senior citizens


Benefits of having a health card for senior citizens:

There are a countless amount of benefits of having a health card for senior citizens. Very few people know about these facilities.

  1. Pre-existing and also the recently found diseases get fully covered with the health insurance.
  2. Free ambulance facility cover
  3. You can go cashless to the hospital.
  4. You don’t have to think twice before going for a regular check-up.
  5. Total nursing home cost coverage. This includes bed charges, hospital bills, and medicines too.

Though there are a lot of myths regarding these health insurances for senior citizens. You should research this yourself to get out of these myths.

health card for senior citizens

Here is the list of myths regarding health card for senior citizens:

  1. Healthy and fit persons don’t need any health insurance. It is the biggest misconception as old age is the peak time to get ailments or illness. So, it is safe to have insurance in advance.
  2. A Higher cost of health insurance sometimes discourages senior citizens to have one. But they should keep it in mind that these policies will help them in a long run.
  3. Sometimes pre-existence diseases don’t get coverage. But it is not always true. It depends on the agencies. So choose the agency wisely.
  4. Most of the people tend to have this misconception that group insurance is adequate to cover. But it is not true at all. You need health insurance to cover health issues adequately.

So, without further delay get you covered with a health insurance and live life happily.

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