How To Download Insurance Copy By Vehicle Number

How To Download Insurance Copy By Vehicle Number


A vehicle insurance plan is an essential document that defines the terms & conditions of your insurance policy between your insurance company and you. As per the Indian Government rules, every vehicle holder must own at least a third-party insurance policy. In case you don’t have a bike insurance policy document, you will be charged a fine and penalty.

A bike license is necessary, and riding a bike or driving a vehicle without a valid license might put you in a troubled situation in India. Among the most convenient and safest ways to carry the license and insurance copy is to get a soft copy. But do you know how to download your bike insurance policy online to carry it with you?

Here, you will get a guide to download your duplicate bike insurance copy or bike insurance policy documents using your vehicle number.

Why You Should Carry The Hard Copy of Your Vehicle Insurance Policy?


Every owner of a two-wheeled vehicle is required by the Motor Vehicles Act to drive on Indian roads while toting a copy of their vehicle insurance plan. IRDAI has, however, released a mobile app called e-VAHAN which permits you to store a soft copy of the documentation for your bike insurance policy on your phone without paying any fees when reviewing.

You can carry the digital copy of the policy document with the e-VAHAN application. It includes a QR code that contains all the information about your auto insurance coverage. Every time you ride your bike, you don’t need to download and print the Bike Insurance.

To avoid any fines in case you misplace your mobile device or leave your mobile at home, it is essential to have a physical copy of the car insurance. As a result, it is recommended that you always keep a physical duplicate of your policy papers in your bike box. Even when driving in challenging conditions, you won’t experience tension.

How to Download Vehicle Insurance Policy Online Using Vehicle Number?

There are two methods of getting a duplicate copy of vehicle insurance documents- offline and online. The online procedure involves obtaining a duplicate car or bike insurance copy download by using your vehicle number. On the other hand, for the offline procedure, you will need to get a hard copy of your duplicate bike insurance policy papers.

Both procedures are quite easy. As the offline procedure was being utilized traditionally, let’s know the offline procedure first. Follow these below-mentioned steps to get your legal document. No matter whether it is from the National insurance company or any other insurance company in India, these basic steps will be enough for you.

Notify The Provider Of The Insurance Policy

You must notify your motor insurance provider of the loss of your automobile insurance policy document as soon as possible.

Try to give your insurance provider as much information as you can so that it can start producing the duplicate vehicle policy document as soon as possible.

You can notify your insurance by calling their toll-free number or contact the customer support team. Informing them of the loss might also be done via email which will make the process easy to get a duplicate bike insurance copy.

Publish an Advertisement in the Newspaper

You must also place an advertisement in the newspaper to get a duplicate copy of the vehicle insurance documents in addition to filing a police FIR.

A publication that is widely read in the state where you lost the policy document should advertise.

However, the insurance provider would not foot the bill for the advertisement’s publication. So, when choosing the newspaper to run your ad, take the cost in mind.

File an FIR

You should next go to the closest police station to file a FIR, or First Information Report. Don’t forget to get a copy of the police report because you’ll need to give it to your auto insurance provider.

The FIR serves as evidence for the argument that your car insurance documents are nowhere to be found. Therefore, to acquire the duplicate insurance policy documents, you must submit the FIR copy.

Submit the Application to the Insurer

The next step is to send a formal request to your automobile insurance provider asking them to provide a duplicate copy of the vehicle policy document.

The application should include information such as your name, your automobile insurance policy number, the kind of coverage, the date it was issued, and a description of how you lost the policy documents.

Send a hard copy of your application and a copy of your police FIR that has been recorded to your insurance.

Get an Indemnity Bond

Finally, to receive the duplicate policy documents, you must have an indemnity bond prepared and presented to your auto insurance company. Your full name should be on the bond, along with the signatures of 2 witnesses.

The stamp paper must be purchased, and a notary public must acknowledge the bond. Your request for a duplicate copy of your auto insurance documents will only be handled after your insurer has received the indemnity bond.

Process To Get Vehicle Insurance Copy Document Online:


The online technique can be used from the ease of your home and is quicker than the offline method. If an insurance policy was bought online, it can be downloaded by vehicle number. If you bought your auto insurance online, simply follow the instructions below to download a duplicate of your policy document:

  • Go to the official insurance company’s website from where you bought your vehicle insurance policy
  • Login to the account by giving all the details requested there, for example, your name, policy number, phone number, vehicle number, and so many more
  • After successfully logging in, check the downloading option for the digital insurance certificate for your vehicle policy document
  • You may get an email from the insurer with your vehicle insurance policy documents
  • Download the vehicle policy document as well as print it for further use


Obtaining a copy of your vehicle insurance is a simple task, especially if you bought the policy through a digital insurance provider. You can study in advance how to get a duplicate vehicle insurance policy using both the conventional, offline way and an online method.


Q. How to download my vehicle insurance copy online?

A. Most insurance companies nowadays allow you online transactions and online insurance documents to download via their official online portal. So, simply visit the official website to download your vehicle insurance copy by following the steps and giving your basic details related to your policy.

Q. Can we download insurance from the vehicle number?

A. Of course, you can download a bike insurance copy online by using your vehicle number. For this, you will have to use the Insurance Information Bureau’s (IIB) platform called “Vahan”.

Q. How do I download my insurance copy?

A. You can download a bike insurance copy online by visiting the official website of the insurer. Simply visit the official website and follow their requested steps to download your insurance copy online. It is that simple to download your insurance copy online.

Q. How to download an insurance copy by two-wheeler vehicle number?

A. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 you must have insurance to ride your bike. So, it is important to have your insurance documents ready at all times. But if you lose it and need it back, simply visit the Insurance Information Bureau’s (IIB) platform called “Vahan” to download your two-wheeler insurance policy documents by using your vehicle number.

Q. How do I get a PDF of insurance?

A. Visit the insurance company’s website and log in by using your details. Once you are logged in, you can easily find and download your insurance PDF format.

Q. How do I find my policy details?

A. To find your policy details, you will have to visit the nearest branch of your insurance provider or you will have to search it online by visiting your insurance provider’s official website.

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