The National Insurance Mediclaim plan gives security against the expenditures in clinics for contracted injury, disease, illness. With the rising expenses in the field of medical cost and increasing overall expenses regarding medical causes, we need monetary security. Let’ know in detail about the National Insurance Mediclaim below.

Here we have provided the features, benefits, eligibility, and tenure of the national insurance mediclaim for you.

Features And Benefits Of The National Insurance Mediclaim

Features And Benefits Of The National Insurance Mediclaim

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Medical Practitioner, Surgeon, Consultant, Nursing, Specialist Fees, and Anesthetist costs subject to a total edge of 25 percent of the amount insured

Boarding, Room, and Resident Medical Officer (RMO) costs are 1% of the amount insured every day for a standard room and for ICU 2% of the amount insured every day subject to a total limit of the 25% of the amount insured

Expenditures incurred for oxygen, blood, OT charges, X-ray, surgical appliances, chemotherapy, artificial limbs, radiotherapy, diagnostic material, hospitalization, dialysis and other costs of organ contributor subject to a total limit of the 50% of the amount insured

The Pre-hospitalization and the Post hospitalization costs for 15 and 30 days respectively

The ambulance charges up to 1% of the total amount insured is subject to INR 2000/- in the policy period

140 + Day of care expenditures are covered under this scheme

You can have the facility of cashless through a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in around more than 6000 hospitals network

You can delight in a family reduction of up to 10% under the national insurance mediclaim

Homeopathy and Ayurveda cures are also protected up to 20% of the total amount insured under this national insurance mediclaim

Incentives for sound health are also applicable in the national insurance mediclaim

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National Insurance Individual Mediclaim Premium Chart

Tenure And Eligibility Of The National Insurance Mediclaim

Tenure And Eligibility


  • Persons aged between minimum 18 years to maximum 65 years are able to apply for the national insurance mediclaim policy
  • Dependent parents of the policyholder can get coverage
  • Also, the children of the policyholder aged between minimum 3 months to maximum 18 years are getting coverage
  • One can renew this national insurance mediclaim plan up to 65 years

Renewal Of The National Insurance Mediclaim

National Insurance Mediclaim

The National Insurance Corporation is basically a public sector based insurance plan provider that gives both family floater and individual mediclaim plans. These plans give comprehensive coverage to its policyholders and one can submit a claim while your mediclaim plan is still in force.

With the purpose of ensuring that you and also your family members get coverage for future emergencies, one must consider buy and renew time to time the National insurance mediclaim plan.

You have to provide your present mediclaim policy account number along with the personal details like your name, gender, updated contact details, and current age. Ever since the National insurance mediclaim renewal procedure becomes online, it is smooth now and one can get their renewal notification immediately.

See How To Renew National Insurance Policy Online:

Renewal Of The National Insurance Mediclaim


Coverage offered by the National Insurance’s Mediclaim plan stays in force and thus you remain anxiety-free so long you continue to renew the plan before the policy’s due date. So, make one thing sure that you pay your renewal premium at the time. So check out the process for National Insurance Mediclaim Policy renewal online

If you want to renew national insurance mediclaim policy online follow these steps:

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