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In India, about one million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, and this causes six to seven lakh people to die. According to special research, by 2035, these numbers can double and reach approximately 17 lakh new patients and 12 lakh deaths annually. So to be on the safe side individual should consider buying Cancer Insurance Policy India.

However, there are some things to consider before you headed for buying the Best Cancer Insurance Policy India. Today, in this article below I am going to provide you the list of things to consider before you opt for buying a Cancer Insurance Policy India for yourself or for your family.

What Is Cancer Insurance Plan?

What Is Cancer Insurance Plan


Due to the changing lifestyle, deadly diseases like cancer have become commonplace nowadays. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second largest cause of death worldwide and due to this disease one in six people dies. Often, it is seen that people do not have money for cancer treatment, because its treatment is very expensive.

However, there are many insurance companies that provide safety insurance against cancer. Now you might be thinking what a cancer insurance plan really is? Well, Cancer Insurance Plans India is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to provide financial support to the insurer.

These plans provide a one-time benefit for the treatment of cancer, which helps you reduce the cost of treatment.

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Cancer Insurance Plan India: Things to Consider

Cancer Insurance Plan India Things to Consider

Cancer is known as one of the deadliest diseases in the universe that can victimize anyone. Since cancer can place you & your beloved ones under a thrilling emotional disorder, it can as well place you & your household under vast financial distress. The Cancer insurance policy India is specially planned to offer you cover in the case the policyholder or any of the policyholder’s family member develops cancer.

You get payouts on the basis of the altered phases of cancer, which confirms that you don’t have to face any monetary problems at the time of the treatment of cancer. Thus, buying a cancer insurance policy India is one of the best ways to go advancing.

However, before you buy any kind of cancer insurance policy India, you must appropriately research & compare several policies’ payment schedules and all. Consider the following features before buying the most suitable cancer insurance policy India for yourself or your family.

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Check Eligibility:

Check Eligibility


Most of the insurance plans provide protection for several kinds of cancers except skin cancer. Nevertheless, you won’t be qualified for the cancer insurance policy, if the illness is pre-existing. You must pick your cancer insurance policy depending on factors like your lifestyle, habits, heredity, and the consequence of the screening test.

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Check Total Sum Assured:

Check Total Sum Assured


It is very essential that the total sum assured selected by you has to be adequate enough to shelter the expenses of your cancer treatment. In the present day’s when the medicinal inflation is anticipated to develop and you’re as well becoming more vulnerable to undergo a severe illness like cancer.

It’s always harmless to confirm that your insurance amount is satisfactory enough to go easy with the medicinal costs linked to the cancer treatment.

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Check The Survival Period & Waiting Period:

Check The Survival Period & Waiting Period


You must appropriately read the documents of the policy as well as crisscross the survival tenure and the waiting tenure. The waiting tenure is the period of time one would have to pause before the cancer insurance company initiates providing them with the cover.

The survival tenure is the period of time when you may have to survive off your own and after that, you can claim for it. So, you need to confirm that the Cancer insurance policy India Company’s survival period and waiting period aren’t too long and therefore you have to understand your policy documents even before you sign in for it.

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Check The Payment Schedule of the Policy:

Check The Payment Schedule of the Policy


One of the best ways to help you regulate the fact if the cancer insurance policy is appropriate for you or not; is to crisscross the policy and see whether the policy provides cover to you for entirely the different stages of cancer.

The Best cancer insurance policy will offer you with at least 30% of the cover amount at the time of the earliest stage, as well as at least 70% of the continuing amount for your later stages of cancer.

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Check for Add-ons:

Check for Add-ons


While buying a cancer policy, one must check the features that can help them from a monetary approach in future time. Some of the profits that a cancer insurance policy India provides you are steady pay for a secure period or just the waiver of the premiums.

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Period of the Policy:

Period of the Policy

The dealing of cancer is a tedious and long process based on the stage of cancer you are at that point in time. Henceforth, it’s always harmless to confirm that the cancer insurance policy India shelters you for a lengthier period. Having the cancer policy, which offers coverage for a lengthier period, can be monetarily beneficial.

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Check Exclusions Of the Policy:

Check Exclusions Of the Policy


You must check for the exclusions of your cancer insurance policy India before you sign the policy papers. There are some policies that exist, which do not cover certain types of cancer. Therefore, you have to confirm that you’re entirely aware of your policy’s exclusions before you sign the papers so that you don’t face any kind of claim-related difficulties in the future.

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