which policy covers maternity


Today almost every couple thinks it is best to choose a good hospital and good medical care for the birth of their child. But the medical expenses are too high in the present day. The leaders associated with insurance business have understood this requirement of society and have developed the concept of maternity insurance, in which all the expenses incurred in the delivery process are secured. But do you know which policy covers maternity?

There are some insurance policies available in the market that is specially made for maternity coverage and there are also some health insurance policies that cover maternity. However, before knowing which policy covers maternity we must know what maternity insurance is. So, to know which policy covers maternity keep an eye on this article below:

What Is Maternity Insurance Policy


What Is Maternity Insurance Policy?

Maternity insurance policy is specially designed to cover the expenses related to delivery, treatment during pregnancy, etc. Through this plan, the mother can do family planning and financially can arrange her parenthood without any tension.


Some insurance experts believe that with the marriage itself, the person should also plan for the Maternity Insurance scheme.

What Are The Advantages of Maternity Insurance Policy?

This includes expenses cover up to 30 days before the hospitalization and 60 days after the birth of the child.

It involves the cost of hospital or nursing home rooms, expenses for nurse and surgeon, doctor’s fees, and emergency ambulance expenses, etc.

Maternity Insurance & Waiting Period:

Most insurance companies give the benefits of maternity insurance only after a certain waiting period. This period can be from 9 months to 36 months. So if you want to purchase the Maternity Insurance plan then go through the terms and conditions of the plan to understand properly which policy covers maternity and how much.

Think Before Taking A Good Maternity Insurance Policy:

Before taking a maternity insurance policy and to know which policy covers maternity, you must consider the sub-limits, wait period, co-payment, room rate, renewal, insurance period, etc. Not every health insurance plan cover maternity. So, to get cover for maternity go through the insurance policy’s terms and conditions properly and see whether the company is providing adequate maternity coverage to you or not.

Which Policy Covers Maternity In India


Which Policy Covers Maternity In India?

The following insurance companies in India that cover maternity in India:

  • Religare Health Insurance Maternity Plan – JOY Plan
  • Star Health Insurance Company – Star Wedding Gift Assurance
  • Royal Sundaram Master Product – Total Health Plus
  • Apollo Munich – EasyHealth Plan
  • Max Bupa – Heartbeat Plan

Religare Health Insurance Maternity Plan – JOY Plan

While you concentrate on your baby, this plan deals to cover all your costs related to the pre-delivery to the post-natal costs. Overall, this insurance plan is an ideal arrangement of maternity insurance and hospitalization.

Key Features of Religare JOY plan

  • Only 9 months of the waiting period for the claims related to the maternity
  • Covers expenses for the maternity as well as the treatment or medical care for your newborn
  • Provides cashless medical treatment at over 4000 network hospitals
  • Co-payment of minimum 20% is applicable only in case you register at the stage of 61 years old or more
  • This policy gives 100% increase of the total Sum Insured (SI) with no claim bonanza (NCB)

Star Health Insurance Company – Star Wedding Gift Insurance

The Star Health Insurance’s Wedding Gift Insurance provides cover for up to 2 deliveries (maximum). This plan offers cover for cesarean as well as normal delivery together with the pre and the post-natal cost. Not only this, but it also covers any type of post-delivery obstacle for the mother after childbirth.

Key Features of Star Wedding Gift Insurance

  • This policy has a waiting period of 3 (three) years
  • The health insurance cover is maximum INR 10 lakh
  • It provides cover for up to 2 deliveries (maximum)
  • Delivery that takes account of pre-natal & post-natal care together with the delivery of the child, and the post-delivery obstacle cover for the mother

Royal Sundaram Master Product – Total Health Plus

This policy covers maternity hospitalization & any difficulties ascending before and/or after the delivery of a baby. However, one can get the maternity assistances only afterward a waiting period of 3 years. So you must plan your pregnancy in view of that in order to get cover for your pregnancy hospitalization expense.

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Key Features of Total Health Plus:

  • Provides a Lifetime renewal
  • Gives 5% No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount on the renewal
  • Covers Pre & Post hospitalization costs
  • Offers Ambulance charges
  • Provides Health Insurance Cover up to Rs.20 Lakhs

Max Bupa – Heartbeat Family Floater

The Max Bupa insurance company’s Heartbeat Family Floater policy is one of the best policies for maternity cover as it offers cover for the maternity as well as the newborn in its 3 plan types such as

  1. Platinum
  2. Silver and
  3. Gold

In this policy, you will get the maternity cover and the baby care for the newborn together with 1st-year vaccinations expenses.

Key Features Of Heartbeat Family Floater:

  • The waiting period under this policy is 2 years
  • The maximum coverage will be given for 2 deliveries
  • Under all its plans, Max Bupa Heartbeat families provide full protection cover to the mother, along with the newborn baby
  • The expenses for the child’s first-year vaccine will also be covered in this cover

Apollo Munich Insurance – Easy Health Family Floater

This plan offers 3 different types of insurance plans. These 3 types are as follow:

  1. Premium
  2. Exclusive and
  3. Standard

Though the premium and exclusive options this policy covers maternity expenditures experienced for the pre & post childbirth processes, and the newborn baby costs from age 1day to 90 days. The premium and exclusive plans offer maternity and newborn coverage.

However, the standard plan under the policy is a regular insurance policy with some assistance.

Key Features of Easy Health Family Floater

  • Under this policy, the company provides INR 15 thousand for normal delivery and INR 25 thousand for cesarean delivery
  • Waiting period for this cover is 4 years
  • It covers Pre & Post hospitalization costs