Traveling and holidays are a great way to relax with our busy and monotonous life. But for many people, travel and exploring in different places is life. Some people choose to travel by air, some road, etc. according to their comfort. For those who often travel, there is one thing for them that we remember and do not consider almost significant and it is travel insurance. So here are some short term medical insurance for travel abroad.

What is Short Term International Travel Health Insurance

What is Short Term International Travel Health Insurance?

International Travel Health Insurance is a kind of policy, discovered especially for travelers who love to travel a lot to overseas. Such insurance gives the policyholder an excellent coverage for medical emergencies and emigration. The name of such policies varies from company to company. One of the most common short term medical insurance for travel abroad is Schengen visa insurance.

We ignore buying travel insurance because, according to Indian mindset, it is only an additional strategy to increase our bill amount. We fail to see its positive and advantages and fail at the end of the journey. If you are in trouble in a foreign land in an unfortunate event and you have been robbed or medical emergency or problem problems, then it would be very difficult for you to get help in one of these cases. It is more difficult due to currency exchange and custom duties etc. in a medical condition. In the case of theft, unless you get a passport or withdrawal from the Indian Embassy, you are in great trouble.

In all these unfortunate incidents a travel insurance can be a redeemer. It provides financial and medical protection against all the hassles you face during your visit. We are not saying that this will happen, but it is smart to be ready for such incidents. For this many websites have different names and definitions but it is important to know the concept in its original form.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage:

Personal TIC Domestic TIC

This insurance is designed for a traveler who is traveling abroad or domestic. Insurance covers all travel related issues and gives the passenger safety against cancellation of travel, medical emergency etc. Travel insurance includes both medical accident related to accident and general illness. Home insurance covers only accidental claims.

Family TIC International TIC

As the name indicates, this plan insures your whole family against unprecedented events during the trip. It involves the delay or loss of luggage, hospital expenses, if any member of the family is required to provide medical attention, etc. You can easily claim distribution under this scheme.

Travel Insurance Coverage (TIC) Senior Citizen TIC Corporate TIC

This insurance cover is for people over 60 years old. In addition to the general benefits of travel insurance, it is also included in the Dental Expenditure and Cashless Hospital.

Group TIC Single Travel TIC

Yes, you got this right. It insures a group of people who are not related and traveling together. They can be from a club or a trek group that is going to the campaign. This insurance will provide benefits to each member equally as any other personal insurance. The biggest advantage in this insurance is that you can save a great deal on the premium amount.

Student TIC Multi Travel TIC

Student TIC Multi Travel TIC

This insurance policy is beneficial for those students who are traveling overseas to pursue further studies for universities, institutions or colleges, whether it is for academic courses on professional courses or qualified visa. The policy provides them with a broad coverage that may include medical treatment, study obstacles (please read the document carefully) or passport loss.

Medical TIC

Incorporation and exclusion included in this policy differ from each insurance provider. This is a short term medical insurance for travel abroad plan that can be used only for health care and medical purposes. It depends on the insurer how many people can be covered under this scheme if you are traveling with a co-traveler.

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