multi trip travel insurance

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Do you have to travel to a foreign country very often? If YES… then you must have already spent millions on your trip. So, this is the time you should buy the Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Plan without further delay. It offers the policyholder coverage for the multiple-trips during the period of 1 year so that you do not need to stress about your journey and applying for travel insurance policy every single time you travel abroad!

What is An Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance in India?

With an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan in India, the insured person gets coverage for multiple-trips to different places for a limited period of 1 year. Such travel insurance policy helps the policyholder to save on the premium payments as compared to purchasing an individual or single-trip travel insurance plan for every single trip.

No matter whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, you would certainly like your journey without any drawback. Cancellations or flight delays, accidents or lost baggage could spoil even the well-planned tour.

So, to avoid these issues, one can opt for a multi-trip travel insurance policy beforehand. By purchasing the multi-trip travel insurance policy, the burden of expenses for such misfortunes would be carried by the insurer company, so that you can concentrate on your trip and can enjoy the trip without any hassle.

Why One Should Buy Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy

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Why One Should Buy Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy?

Annual multi-trip travel insurance is an ideal solution for travelers, who visit abroad frequently for pleasure or business purpose. Every single trip in 1 year will be covered by the insurance company, so an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is a suitable alternative for every time you travel you won’t have to apply for travel insurance.

Even though, the coverage accessible with an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is parallel to the single trip travel insurance policy; the sole difference here is that a traveler is able to avail the advantage not to purchase travel insurance every time he\she travels in a foreign country.

So, our advice for the frequent travelers to switch to an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy as it is way more inexpensive as compared to the single trip travel insurance policy in India.

An annual multi-trip travel insurance policy offers coverage for every single trip taken within a year

Benefits Of The Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

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Benefits Of The Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance:

Here are some of the benefits of the annual multi-trip travel insurance policy in India. Check out the benefits down below:

A limitless number of tours:

The annual multi-trip travel insurance provides coverage for a limitless number of tours in a single given year. So you do not have to apply every time you go for a tour.

Money saving:

Even in the case, you travel for only 2 to 3 times a year, buying an annual multi trip travel insurance policy will prove to a better choice as you won’t have to pay twice or thrice for travel insurance.


For the annual multi trip travel insurance policy one doesn’t have to enter the details of the policyholder every single time to buy a travel insurance policy for every single journey. In addition to this, with the annual multi trip travel insurance policy there is no last moment rush or worries if you suddenly plan your trip.

Medical Coverage:

There are probabilities you may fall sick during your journey, consequently, you may have to visit a hospital or a doctor. Medical expenses in foreign countries are excessively costly, and thus your all-inclusive budget might be disbursed on paying your medical bills.

However, with travel insurance, you will get certain basic therapeutic expenses so that you wouldn’t have to recompense a huge amount to your treatment.

Damage or Loss Coverage:

In the case of damage or loss of passport or any other vital document such as the ticket, luggage etc. the insurer will cover the expense or will provide you a replacement.

In case the checked-in baggage is misplaced by the airline authority, the insurance company will compensate for the entire cost. In case you lose money during traveling, Insurer Company will provide its policyholder access to capitals.

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Permanent Disability or Death Coverage:

The insurer would compensate in case of the permanent disability or death due to an accident during traveling aboard. In the disastrous occurrence that the plane gets hijacked then you will receive reimbursement from the insurance company for the suffering caused to its policyholder.

Reimbursement For Delay & Cancellation

The policyholder will get reimbursement for the expenses he or she incurs in case the person misses a flight for delay of more than three (3) hours.

If a tour is postponed or canceled due to medical causes, because of the airline authority’s fault, natural calamities or causes rising for personal issues, the insurance company will reimburse you.

If your tour is late for over 12 hours because of natural calamities, then your multi-trip travel insurance company will reimburse the expenses for the delay.

The above-mentioned features are analytic of the several covers accessible by multi-trip travel insurance policy companies, thus are subjected to addition / elimination dependent on the plan and insurer company chosen.

Eligibility Criteria for Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy

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Eligibility Criteria for Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy:

The eligibility condition for annual multi-trip travel insurance policy varies from one insurance policy Company to another insurance company. Travelers can select a multi-trip travel insurance plan if they’re between 3 months – 70 years age group.

Nonetheless, the eligibility varies for certain nations. For instance, Schengen countries permit multi trip travel insurance only for tourists up to 50 years old.

Those exceeding 50 years old and now wishes to visit such nations will have to buy the single trip insurance policy.

Things To Keep On Mind

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Things To Keep On Mind:

Here are some of the most important tips to keep on mind before you plan to buy the multi-trip travel insurance policy or you apply for the claim:

To get complete benefits of the cancellations to check whether there’re any eliminations or an add on the travel insurance policy

Always unveil your pre-existing therapeutic conditions while you purchase the travel insurance policy as well as mention those new therapeutic difficulties that you encounter during the policy term

If you’re planning to visit a foreign country for an extensive period of time or planned to travel to several countries at once then consider buying the multi-trip travel insurance policy.

Even before you raise a claim, take care you have lodged a complaint to the police for the stolen or misplaced item within 24 hours.