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Travel insurance, also referred to as visitor insurance or foreign medical insurance, is a special feature offered by insurance companies in India while traveling abroad, which covers you against the following unforeseen situation. All relevant details about the online travel insurance in India are available online so that you can make an informed decision during the purchase of the plan, and do not rely on the decision of your travel agent or insurance agent.

Buying online travel insurance in India saves time because it is convenient and can be completed in a few minutes without any paperwork. Buying online is environment-friendly because there is no paperwork needed in it.

What is Online Travel Insurance in India

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What is Online Travel Insurance in India?

Traveling is a great way to relax with our monotonous and busy life. Some people choose to travel by air, some roads, etc. according to their comfort. For those who often travel, there is one thing for them that we consider significant to buy is nothing but travel insurance, which you can now but online with the hassle of any paperwork.

Travel insurance is compulsory insurance that buys itself against unexpected travel accidents, medical expenses, loss of goods or damage to goods, losses and other documents, flight delays etc.

Generally, travel insurance applies to a specific tour. But some companies offer you packages and deals that may be suitable for you if you are a frequent traveler.

Before buying a policy, inquire your insurance provider, what is included in the insurance policy and for what period of time.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage (TIC)

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Types of Travel Insurance Coverage (TIC):

Check out the various types of Travel Insurance Coverage (TIC) available in India. Here we go…

Benefits of Online Travel Insurance in India

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Benefits of Online Travel Insurance in India:

You might already know the general benefits of travel insurance. Here is a detailed list of the benefits of online Travel Insurance in India:

  1. You can claim reimbursement and get cover against medical expenses paid for accidents or general illness. If you are traveling abroad then this benefit is very useful. Medical treatment in foreign lands is extremely expensive. Remember, this is a comprehensive plan that is not a third party liability.
  2. In case of an emergency medical condition where you or your co-passenger or family that comes under travel insurance, the expenditure will be paid by the insurance company. This will be included in Travel Insurance.
  3. If you are canceling your trip or you have to travel sooner than the plan, you can get compensation for losses and constraints. Online travel insurance in India plan also includes emergency housing expense and delayed luggage loss.
  4. Wherever you travel through your network, some insurance providers provide 24-hour services in case of emergency. This service is very useful in places where you are not familiar with the language.

For more information, inquire in detail with your insurance provider, coverage against losses of passports, theft, canceled flights, short trips, luggage loss etc.

Why We Need Travel Insurance

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Why We Need Travel Insurance?

When you travel to remote countries, you spend a lot of money on housing, planning, transportation etc. It is important to enjoy your journey and keep it economic at the same time. But for any man-made or natural disaster, any well-planned trip can go wrong. By purchasing online travel insurance in India without the hassle of any paperwork, you are securing yourself and co-travelers with a safety net.

Travel Insurance guards you with different coverage against unexpected events. If your flight is delayed or canceled, you get reimbursement on your flight and in the meantime, you will be provided accommodation for the waiting period.

If a kidnapping or emergency announcement has been made in that country, then you can safely return home.

If you are in a medical emergency, you can contact the Travel Insurance Company and get immediate help through your network.

You can get maximum coverage under the policy for very little cost.

Eligibility To Purchase Online Travel Insurance In India

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Eligibility To Purchase Online Travel Insurance In India:

The eligibility to purchase online travel insurance in India depends on the following things. So, let’s check out the things below to know about the eligibility of buying online travel insurance in India.

Student Travel Insurance:

Those who already are studying abroad in universities and institutions, they can buy the student travel policy. The student travel insurance policy provides facilities from the age group between 16 years to 40 years to travel to foreign countries for higher studies.

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Schengen Travel Insurance

If you are traveling to this country, then it should be for business and tourism purposes only and buying a travel Insurance for this case is mandatory. To travel to Schengen, the buyer should cover a minimum of up to $ 50,000 for the insured amount under Travel Insurance.

Adults over 70 years of age and infants above 90 days must be covered under the policy.

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizen:

If you are a senior citizen and now traveling abroad and are more than 85 years old, then no one needs to undergo any medical test to take advantage of this insurance plan.

Family and International Travel Insurance

These are two different options that you can apply if you are traveling with your family. This plan includes 4 adults, where two adults up to 60 years of age and two children up to 21 years of age.

Some floater options are available under the Family Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance) policy.

How to choose the best online travel insurance in India

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How to choose the best online travel insurance in India?

Here are some self-check points given to choose the best online travel insurance in India from the best travel insurance policy providers:

For Senior Citizens:

As you already know, the insurance you want to buy depends on your age. If your age is within 30 years, then the premium you pay is different from the person 50 years old. Similarly, if you are a senior citizen, then you can choose a Senior Travel Insurance plan, which accordingly is designed to completely meet your needs.

For Adventurous Journey

If you are starting an adventurous journey that involves many physical activities like mountain climbing, trekking, camping in the jungles, water surfing etc., it is advisable to buy a special plan with the add-on cover which will benefit you in medical emergencies.

For Relaxing Holiday:

If this is a comfortable and relaxing holiday, then the standard travel insurance policy will be adequate for your requirements.

Mention Your Destination For Payments:

It is a known fact that medical treatment and other luxury things available abroad are expensive. Therefore, when you buy a Travel Insurance, it is important to mention your destination that will decide the pay premium.

In some countries, it is compulsory to take International Travel Insurance.

For Frequent Flyers:

If you are a frequent flyer, then select a multi-travel policy that will usually provide you coverage for one year or more. Premium is one time in this plan and it is pocket-friendly. If you are traveling for a short duration, then mention your travel period. There is also a measurable value for this premium calculation.

Travel policy of India is highly recommended because the frequency of Indians traveling abroad and within the country has increased significantly. If you are worried that you will get a lot of money for this policy, then select the plan that works best for you and which is inexpensive for you.

Things To Check Before Buying A Travel Policy

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Things To Check Before Buying A Travel Policy:

Many companies provide Travel Insurance only with the purchase of tickets, visas etc. Before buying a policy, check company history, reliability, customer reviews, a series of products and facilities etc. See also the company’s settlement of claims and the percentage (%) of settlements without any legal problems.

Many travel insurance companies go bankrupt because of their business modules. So check the company’s financial records and development before buying from them.

If you buy a policy at a higher cost, the sum insured is also higher and there is also the premium amount. So choose a plan that has a minimum purchase price with maximum profit.

Where and How to Buy Online Travel Insurance in India

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Where and How to Buy Online Travel Insurance in India?

With the current government’s pledge to make the Indian government digital, there are many facilities available for both offline and online travel insurance in India.

Buying travel insurance online is a quick and hassle-free process. You do not have to contact old agents such as an agent or third-party insurance providers.

To buy the best policy at a competitive rate, you can compare the company website or the products on third party websites. This process is completely transparent with the documents of policy terms and conditions.

  • You can click on the desired insurance at the time of purchase and fill all the personal details of all the people traveling with you, if not, then fill out the details in the form correctly.
  • Destination, the period of travel, medical conditions, etc., should be filled with caution, and one must cross check before submitting documents.
  • If you are satisfied with the quote click on the purchase button, then the insurer will give you an immediate citation.
  • Make a payment through debit / credit card or NEFT transaction.
  • There is no paperwork required for this process, so the process is environment-friendly and you will receive all the documents immediately on your email.
  • While traveling, print out with copies for security purpose.

Every insurance company has now become tech-savvy and thus has now started its every offline facility online.


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