Overseas insurance coverage

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It is often seen that the clients are aware of the insurance plan, but in the absence of correct papers and time, they lose their claim. Such situations can lead to a delay in resolving the claim, and many times their claim is also revoked. Therefore it is essential that you have enough information about overseas insurance coverage to claim.

We are here to tell you about some situations if you ever claim it, and then quickly get it.


If you are traveling, keep a good deal of information about overseas insurance coverage of travel insurance.


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We have prepared a list of overseas insurance coverage for you to get you a compact idea about the insurance policy. Here we go…

Emergency Medical And Personal Accident

If you are traveling to a place where the geographical and climatic conditions do not fit your health and you need some medical care. This is often done while traveling in snowy places abroad.

You should take care of the coverage of your overseas travel insurance. You can take advantage of the many advantages embodied in it, such as the earliest treatment or emergency rescue and return to your country.

You can inform your insurer according to the laws outlined in the conditions by giving him a missed call, by calling toll free number or by alerting you about your deteriorating health through an e-mail. If your claim can be accepted then the insurer may also arrange cashless treatment for you abroad.

Keep Your Receipt

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Keep Your Receipt

Keep the receipt of all the slips, reports and payments given during the treatment and give them to the insurer according to the rules so that it can be paid. For your claim can’t be canceled, you should ensure that all the papers and slips are well signed, on which the correct date and stamp are also placed.


If the case is of an accident and involves a third party, then you should also file a police report.

Security Check Delay

When you are traveling abroad, or when you have a connecting flight, the delays in delivery of your luggage or the possibility of losses are high. If your delivery of goods is delayed and you have purchased some of the most essential goods, then keep the receipt for yourself and hand it over later.

During this time, take a certificate or confirmation of the delay or damage to the goods from the airlines. Besides, boarding pass, ticket and passport copy, and baggage delivery receipt, also keep you safe and deposit for reimbursement payment.

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Lost Passport

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Lost Passport

Sometimes people experience an incident of lost passports during the journey. In such a situation, immediately inform your insurer and file a police report.

After filing a police report, you get the convenience of contacting your nearest council office. It would be better than you always keep a photocopy of your passport and whenever the passport is lost, this copy makes your problem a little easier.

When you are in the process of getting a new passport, you have to spend some money on it. Keep the receipt of these expenses with you and when you return home, put the receipt of these expenses together for the claim.


All the receipt of these expenses should be kept to claim the expenses together.

Travel Cancellation

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Travel Cancellation

Many travelers have to reduce travel time or have to cancel due to family problems or health.

In such a situation, the traveler, under the terms and conditions, may ask the insurer to claim the compensation for the loss due to the cancellation or abatement of the trip.

Immediately notify your insurer that in the event of an emergency, your plan of travel has changed, along with documentary evidence to prove that the trip was canceled or even shortened.

I hope these overseas insurance coverages will help you with your next visit abroad.

With the help of the overseas insurance coverage benefits, have a happy and safe journey.