We all know about the profits of having health insurances. Health insurances give us some monetary support during medical emergencies and crises.  But very few people know about family floater health insurance and its fascinating benefits. Today let’s talk about the family floater health insurance and the coverage these policies offer us.

What is health insurance

What is health insurance?

Health insurance which is also known as medical insurance is a type of policy that comes with a fascinating med claim such as giving a great extent of surgical expense coverage, free ambulance service, hospital expenses, and many more. Most of the civilization is aware of such policies in the market. But there only a few people who know about family floater health insurance in India. Let’s know more about this family floater health insurance.

What is family floater health insurance?

A family floater health insurance is a kind of insurance policy all the family members. It is a plan especially made for the family person, as the name itself suggest. It is also a health insurance, but the sole difference is that health insurances are meant to be only for an individual but a family floater health insurance is for all the members of a particular family. In this policy, the policy holder gets covered as well as his or her spouse and child or children.

How to get a family floater health insurance

How to get a family floater health insurance?

To get access to these policies one at first need to apply for it. Once their application is approved then they would have to pay a certain amount as their premium every year or after every six months or monthly.

Here is the list to some of the best family floater health in insurances in India:

There is a lot of health insurance policy companies as compared to family floater health insurances. Here are the names of both the policy and the provider company.

  • Family Floater Mediclaim Policy under the company named New India assurance
  • National Insurance Mediclaim Policy under the company named National Insurance Company
  • Smart Health Insurance under the company named SBI General Insurance
  • Happy Family Floater Policy under the company named Oriental Insurance Company
  • Family health optima insurance plan under the company named Star health insurance
  • Family floater health guard under the company named Bajaj Allianz health insurance
  • Family Medicare Policy under the company named United India Health insurance


Benefits of having Family floater health insurance:

There are countless benefits of having family floater health insurance instead of those common health insurance policies for an individual. Here are the benefits listed below for you.

  1. The family floater health insurance policy helps you to save both money and time. As it releases you from paying money for individual separately. Thus the amount is lesser than individual health insurance.
  2. Family floater health insurance is a single policy for the whole family. Thus it covers the family’s medical expenses under this single policy which makes it a hassle-free method.
  3. One of the most attractive features of this kind of policies is that you can include family member under this policy whenever needed.
  4. Under this policy, besides having your parents in the list you can also include your in-laws without facing any difficulties.

So, next time instead of getting an individual health insurance get the family floater health insurance if you are a family person.

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