What is TPA

What is TPA?

Health insurance TPA or third party administration is a company which has the license from the Insurance Regulatory Authority or IRDA. It is a company through which one can process their claims such as retail and corporate policies. In addition, this company provides cashless facilities too. It is an exceptional entity of an insurance organization.

Why TPA has established?

Nowadays in India, health insurance industry is spreading its reach at an incredibly fast speed. Thus, it needs support from other organizations to boost its groundwork. That is why health insurance TPA was established. So that it can provide support and also improve the efficiency of the industry. Health insurance TPA thus plays a vital role to keep the insurance industry in its appropriate pace.

How health insurance TPA works

How health insurance TPA works?

According to Insurance Regulatory Development Authority or IRDA, health insurance TPA must have their legal experts, hospital, hospital managers, health consultants, insurance consultants, and most importantly they must have medical doctors who are registered with the medical council of India. Health insurance also provides ambulance if needed. These experts are there to suggest customer the right process to claim for them. Help them to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary treatments and thus restrict unnecessary treatments. These processes help to increase the quality of the services. Health insurance TPA gets a certain amount of money for this.

Many companies have been issued a license under the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority or IRDA to operate as health insurance TPA in India so far. The concept of health insurance TPA has been taken from the US.

Here is the list to the health insurance TPA in India

Here is the list to the health insurance TPA in India

  1. Vision E-Medi Solutions Insurance TPA Private Limited
  2. Ericson Insurance TPA Private Limited
  3. Health Insurance TPA of India Limited
  4. Rothshield Insurance TPA Limited
  5. Anmol Medicare Insurance TPA Limited
  6. Grand Insurance TPA Private Limited
  7. Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA Private Limited
  8. Safeway Insurance TPA Private Limited
  9. Good Health Insurance TPA Limited
  10. Vipul Medcorp Insurance TPA Private Limited
  11. Alankit Insurance TPA Limited
  12. Health India Insurance TPA Services Private Limited
  13. Medsave Health Insurance TPA Limited
  14. Genins India Insurance TPA Limited
  15. Anyuta Insurance TPA In Health Care Private Limited
  16. East West Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited
  17. Family Health Plan Insurance TPA Limited
  18. Raksha Health Insurance TPA Private Limited
  19. Vidal Health Insurance TPA Private Limited
  20. Heritage Health Insurance TPA Private Limited
  21. Focus Health Insurance (TPA) Private Limited
  22. Medicare Insurance TPA Services (India) Private Limited
  23. MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Private Limited
  24. Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Private Limited
  25. E-Meditek Insurance TPA Limited
  26. United Health Care Parekh Insurance TPA Private Limited
  27. Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited

These Health insurance TPA’s are always there to fulfill their customer’s medical needs. TPA’s health care network has a lot of pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and hospitals under it to help their clients.

Keep yourself updated regarding health insurances and stay healthy.

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