4 Ways To Make Retirement Funds Last Longer!

Retirement Funds Last Longer

People work throughout life and save money for retirement. Because for people, retirement is the end of their service period and a new beginning of life. At the time of retirement, people enter a new phase of their life. In such a situation, people need sufficient capital for this phase of their life, so that … Read more

How to safeguard your family during COVID-19?

Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc around the world. It has taken a huge death toll and has left the entire world crippled in its wake. We are still in the grips of this pandemic, and we are still vulnerable to this virus.  With the economy slowing down and every part of the world being hit … Read more

Get A Brief Idea About The SBI Life Money Back Plan

SBI Life Money Back Plan

The SBI Life Smart Money Back Plan is basically an individual non-linked participating insurance policy. Every single individual experiences treasured & special moments including weddings, career achievements, childbirth, owning the dream house, and so many more in his/her lifetime. So as to enjoy those moments, the person has to be ready financially. What Is SBI Life Smart Money … Read more

What Is Theft Insurance & Its Types?

What is theft insurance

Source What is Theft Insurance? An insurance plan that provides cover for the losses that have risen due to theft or burglary of personal belongings is called theft insurance. Theft or burglary Insurance is a major class of commercial underwritten in the assorted department and thus accounts for a large share of the department’s top … Read more

Insurance Institute Of India: Get A Brief Idea About It

Insurance Institute Of India

Source Previously the Insurance Institute of India was known as the Federation of Insurance Institutes (J.C. Setalvad Memorial). This Institute was set up in 1955 with a goal to promote the Insurance Education as well as Training in India. In its starring role as a leading training and education provider I.I.I. is connected with all … Read more

What Is Endowment Policy & The Types Of Endowment Policy

types of endowment policy

An endowment policy is a life coverage arrangement that covers the life and enables the policyholder to spare normally over a predetermined timeframe so that at development, they can get a single amount upon term endurance. So, let’s here know about different types of endowment policy. What is Endowment Insurance Policy? An endowment insurance policy … Read more

How keyman insurance policy works: Know about its benefits

What is the meaning of keyman insurance policy

Who does not know about life insurance in India? Almost all of us are acquainted with life insurance policy, health insurance policy, travel insurance policy and so many more. However, only a very few people know about the meaning of keyman insurance policy and how it works. For some people, the term keyman insurance is … Read more

ACKO General Insurance: Get Brief Idea About The Insurance

Acko General Insurance

Source Acko General Insurance is basically an insurance corporation, which provides every deal on online platform. These online platform offerings make this Insurance our new age insurance corporation. This Insurance company comes with a killer price and a zero-hassle experience. Acko General Insurance is an autonomous general insurer in India. This Insurance companymake their whole … Read more

Times Global Insurance: Protect Your Mobile, Laptop & iPhone

Times Global Insurance

Source In our day-to-day life, smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices play a vital role in our life. And we even can’t think of our life without these gadgets. However, protecting these costly smart devices from damage, burglary or theft is quite tricky sometimes. So, today I have come with a topic that will save … Read more