Housing Development Finance Corporation

By the Companies Act, Law No. 10/96, Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Ltd was established as a state-owned corporation on January 28, 2004, by Presidential Decree. On March 29, 2004, the commercial activities got underway. The World Bank provided technical assistance for the establishment of HDFC, and the GOM initially owned all of the company’s shares.

So, let’s learn in detail about Housing Development Finance Corporation’s (HDFC) key partner portal, HDFC key partner account, HDFC key partner login, etc.

Housing Development Finance Corporation

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Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (hdfc.com) is an Indian financial services company based in Mumbai, India. It is a leading housing finance provider in India. It is also present in banking, life and general insurance, asset management, venture capital, realty, education, deposits, and education loans. It has different HDFC logo images to show different fields of operation in the finance industry.

It was established in 1977 with the support of India’s business community, as the first specialized mortgage company in India and the flagship company among the HDFC group companies. HDFC was promoted by the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI).

Hasmukhbhai Parekh played an important role in the foundation of this company which started with the main objective of solving the housing shortage in India and continued to grow thereafter.

In 2000, HDFC Asset Management Company launched its Mutual Fund schemes. In the same year, IRDA granted registration to HDFC Standard Life Insurance as the first private-sector life insurance company in India. It currently operates in India, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

What Does HDFC Offer To Its Customers?

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The company provides housing finance to individuals and corporations for the purchase/construction of residential houses. Loans offered by the company include loans for the purchase and construction of residential units, purchase of land, home improvement loans, home extension loans, non-residential premises loans for professionals, and loans against property with repayment options.

Include step-up repayment facility and flexible loan installment plans. It is one of the largest providers of housing loans in India. In its annual report for the financial year 2012-13, the company disclosed that it has disbursed approx. INR 456,000 crores in 35 years of its existence for a total of 4.4 million housing units.

The average loan profile is ₹2.18 million (US$35,160) which lasts for approximately 13 years and covers approx. 65% of the actual property value. From the year 2000, the company started offering home loans over the Internet, becoming the first to do so.

COMPANY is providing life insurance since the year 2000 through its subsidiary HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. It offers 33 individual products and 8 group products. It uses the HDFC Group network to cross-sell by offering customized products.

It operates in more than 965 locations out of 451 offices across India. It had a market share of 4.6% in the life insurance business in India as of 30 September 2013. [11] HDFC Life has over 15,000 employees.

HDFC provides mutual fund services through its subsidiary HDFC Asset Management Accounting Limited. The average Assets Under Management (AUM) of HDFC Mutual Fund for the quarter Jul-13 to Sep-13 stood at Rs 1.03 trillion.

What Does It Mean By HDFC Key Partner Portal Registration?

Through the online key partner module, also called the www. HDFC Key Partner Login portal (for HDFC corporate login), HDFC Bank Key Partners can easily access the HDFC Bank account and make transactions.

HDFC Deposit Key Partners of this website may check details about their online services, pay bills, send money, do fixed deposit renewals, and so many more. It’s a safe online platform to check your financial information and handle your account.

Even if you are a new user of HDFC Key Partner Portal you can easily avail digital services, get various statements, required data, alerting actions, etc. from the portal. However, do you know how to log in to this portal to manage everything? Let’s know here the steps below:

How To Log Into the HDFC Key Partner Account?

Logging into the Key Partner Login of HDFC is a straightforward process. Take these simple steps:

Step 1:

Go to the official www HDFC.com Key Partner Login webpage in your web browser after launching it. To access the page, visit https://online.hdfc.com/deposits/login.aspx for HDFC deposits agent login

Step 2:

Your user username and password should be entered in the corresponding fields.

Step 3:

Click the “Login” button to gain access to your account.

After successfully login in, you may see your account information and make purchases.

Create HDFC Key Partner Login Account

In case you’re a new HDFC Bank Key Partner, you can register for HDFC Key Partner Login by doing the following:

Step 1:

As a first step, go to the official HDFC Key Partner Login webpage at https //portal.hdfc.com login

Step 2:

Choose the ‘New User Registration link in the second stage.

Step 3:

Your customer username, registered mobile number, and account number should be entered.

Step 4:

Then click “Submit”.

Step 5:

Following the provided instructions to complete the registration process.

You may get your account opened after completing registration by simply entering your user ID & password.

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