Know More About The Child Life Insurance Plans In India

The child life insurance plans are a means of security for the child’s future education, marriage, and so many more monetary emergencies. It is actually a form of agreement, which is generally represented by an insurance company, in which a person gets financial protection or reimbursement for their child against the loss from the insurance company. As we all know that a unit giving protection is known as the insurer, insurance carrier or insurance company and a person who purchases the insurance is known as the insured or the policyholder.

Child Life Insurance Plans For Protecting The Future Of Children

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Child Life Insurance Plans For Protecting The Future Of Children

It is absolutely true that we are living in a world full of uncertainties. Despite this, if we talk about our children, then every parent is profoundly worried or concerned about their kid’s future. Not only this, every parent is continuously worried about safeguarding the child’s future better. Given the present scenario, it is difficult for the families to fulfill both ends, in which there is a weak list of expenditure, in which there is no beginning and there is no end.

Even after this, it is the first and most important aspect for all parents to plan and secure the child’s future. Let us assure you that child plans provide the welfare of a person’s child even in the absence of a person. It has been developed on the concept of providing financial support to the family for the future of the child on meeting any uncertainty to parents. While the insurance plan designed for the child does not ensure the child. Life insured under policies is the parent who has a minor child to provide insurance.

Types Of Child Life Insurance Plans

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Types Of Child Life Insurance Plans

Here are the types of child life insurance plans:

Traditional plans:

Under this plan, the amount is guaranteed to be paid. Investments are usually done in safe and low-yielding products. Although not only the return is high, it will be stable and approximate.

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Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP):

Under this scheme, investment equity will be done in the markets and the probability of long return is very high. The policyholder can also choose to invest in debt instruments. At the same time, let us know that the risk is high.

Features Of Child Life Insurance Plans

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Features Of Child Life Insurance Plans

Here are the features of the child life insurance plans:

Premium Rider’s built-in discount:

This concept is used in most children’s plans. Rider says that if the parent is the policyholder and dies during the term of the life insured life under the plan, then all future premiums payable under the scheme will be waived by the company and payment will be made. Not only this, the scheme will continue, and all the promised benefits will be earned when they are due.


This usually applies if the child is the insured person. Under the delay section, risk coverage under the scheme begins after the end of some years. At the same time, the child becomes the policyholder after 18 years of age.

Child Life Insurance Plans Available In India

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Child Life Insurance Plans Available In India

Here are some of the child life insurance plans easily available in India. Check out the list of insurance plans available for the children in India:

  • LIC New Children Money Back Policy
  • LIC life shoots
  • Max Life Education Plus Super
  • Bajaj Alliance Young Assure
  • ICICI Pru Smart Kid Assure Plan
  • Birla Sun Life Insurance Vision Star Plan
  • HDFC SL Youngster Super Premium
  • Aviva Young Scholar Benefit Scheme
  • Reliance Child Plans

As soon as the child is born, you can buy a good plan. If parents take adequate plans at the right time then they get a lot of benefits. Important things in the life of a child, such as marriage or higher studies, can be planned and financed by the right child life insurance plans brought at the right time.