How To Find LIC Policy Number By Name


LIC customers can take any information online about their policy. For this, you do not need to go to the branch. Most people have a life insurance policy for the Life Insurance Corporation of India. If you want to get any information related to your policy, then you can take advantage of online service. In the policy statement, information is usually taken about the status of the policy, policy maturity and premium paid against the policy.

Loss of LIC policy details will prevent the policyholder from getting that policy’s benefits the policyholder was supposed to get. So, to get the policy’s benefits you must keep the policy details harmless. However, in case you lose the policy information under any unexpected circumstances then you do not have to worry as there’s always a method to retrieve that information. That’s why today I have come with how to find LIC policy number by name and Date of Birth (DOB).

Why Do We Need to Find LIC policy Number By Name & DOB?

Find LIC policy Number By Name


Before knowing how to find LIC policy by name and date of birth we must know why do we need to find LIC Number by name and Date of Birth (DOB).

First of all, in several cases, we discovered that the foremost reason behind the question of how to find LIC policy number by name and date of birth is loss of the LIC policy receipts & even LIC document. In such a case, you will find it difficult to find out your LIC’s policy number. And that is why you will need to search your policy number by your name and date of birth.

Secondly, numerous policyholders under no circumstances share his or her policy information with family members. In the case of the sudden death of the policyholder, the nominee or family member faces the complications to find out LIC’s policy number. So then they search ways on how to find LIC policy number by name and Date of Birth (DOB) only.

Thirdly, in case you have lost your policy number or forgot LIC policy number and now trying to retrieve it you can’t find it out only by your name of course. As there are a lot of people of the same name. For that reason, you need to try how to find LIC policy number by using name and your date of birth while finding out your lost LIC polity number.

However, if there is more than one policy number found under your name and date of birth then you will have to put your PAN card number to find your LIC number out.


Do you know how to find LIC policy number name date birth? If you don’t know then don’t worry at all as you will get to know in this article below

How To Find LIC Policy Number By Name & DOB?

Find LIC Policy Number By Name


Check out how to find LIC policy Number by name as well as Date of Birth (DOB). We have listed down some of the possible ways on how to find LIC Policy Number by name and date of birth only. Let’s check out below the steps for LIC policy number search by name & Date Of Birth:

Find LIC Policy Number Via Online Method:

Visiting The LIC’s Home Branch


Even before you get your expectations up, we should make one thing clear that LIC presently has no arrangements to show your policy’s data online even with your name & date of birth (DOB). This is essential for security reasons.

The online technique is appropriate just for unclaimed arrangements that stay unclaimed for at any rate a half year from the date of its development. These unclaimed arrangements and the exceptional sum can be recognized through the accompanying technique

Visit the LIC official webpage for outstanding and unclaimed Policy Here

Once you enter the official site of LIC, you will get boxes such as

  1. LIC policy number
  2. Name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. & PAN number

Here, the name & date of birth (DOB) is mandatory to fill.

Now enter your name as well as your date of birth (DOB) in the boxes provided.

Finally, click on the ‘submit’ button given there

Visiting The LIC’s Home Branch:

LIC home branch


On the off chance that you don’t have the online entrance subtleties and furthermore you are not in contact with the LIC specialist, at that point for this situation, you should contact the home branch. The authorities at the home branch will affirm the validity of the case and will deal with you back the strategy number.

It ought to be considered here that the LIC strategy information is the individual information and LIC has not shared this information openly in the online configuration. Henceforth, the alternative of getting the approach number subtleties in the online mode isn’t accessible.

When you endeavor to maintain a strategic distance from circumstances and attempt to share the subtleties of the LIC approach with the relatives just as the chosen one. This will guarantee that there will be no state of losing the strategy number.

Contact your LIC Agent

Contact your LIC Agent


The best and most effortless route is to contact your LIC agent. Give him your name as well as your date of birth. Utilizing his business subtleties or by login to the operator entryway, he will effectively discover the arrangement number and can share you.


In case you have generated the login ID to the LIC official portal, then it’s easy to find out the LIC policy number. Or else, it’s one of the major reasons for a headache to the purchasers to find out their LIC policy number.


Q. How Do I Find My LIC Policy Number?

A. There are many ways to find LIC policy number. You can use your name or birthdate to get information about this. To know how to find your LIC policy number read here more.

Q. Can I Find LIC Policy Number By My Birthdate?

A. Yes, you can find your LIC Policy number using your birthdate. To know how to use your birthdate to find policy number read here more…

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