Best LIC Plans For 5 Years And More To Invest In 2021

Best LIC Plans for 5 Years

Source Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to purchasing any life insurance policy. Since Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has a vast range of products to deal with, it sometimes becomes difficult for an individual to pick the right one. So, today we have come with … Read more

Benefits of health insurance exemption

health insurance exemption

Easy Techniques to Health Insurance Exemption Health insurance exemption towards health insurance not only offers monetary help just in case of medical crises but also decreases tax charge. Health insurance deals overtax profits under Section 80D of the income tax Act. This Act, 2018 gives sophisticated assumptions for health premiums, especially for senior citizens. Here … Read more

Best Health Insurance Company In Claim Settlement

What Is Claim Settlement Ratio

Source When you are thinking about buying the best health insurance you must check out the company’s claim settlement ratio first. As the best health insurance company in claim settlement is your best friend. Today I have prepared a list of the best health insurance company in claim settlement. So, let’s check now out the … Read more

Easy ways for health insurance deductible

Easy Way for Health Insurance Deductible Most of the monetary organizers say that the first step in any economic strategy is only to guarantee that one has satisfactory medical insurance. But no one suggests the ways to get health insurance deductible for us. One must get sufficient health insurance deductible coverage for himself or herself … Read more

Benefits of Family Floater Health Insurance

What is a Family Floater Health Insurance

Source We all know about the profits of having health insurance. Health insurances give us some monetary support during medical emergencies and crises.  But very few people know about family floater health insurance and its fascinating benefits. Today let’s talk about some of the best family floater mediclaim policy and the coverage these policies offer … Read more

Know About Health Insurance Plans For Family In India

Health Insurance Plans For Family In India

Source:- Pinterest Medical expenditure is increasing day by day. In addition, you may have to bear any emergency medical expenses at any time. If you have not provided separate provision for this, you will have to dig in your savings or sell your property to meet the medical needs of yourself or your family. Buying … Read more

Medical Expenses Tax Relief: Section 80D Income Tax Act

Why We Need Medical Insurance

Source People purchase a Mediclaim plan or medical insurance policy to deal with the situation of medical emergencies. In order to provide proper treatment to themselves and their family members on time, people purchase this health insurance. But only a very few people know about medical expenses tax relief. So, today we are going to … Read more

Health Card facilities for Senior Citizens

Health Card Facilities for Senior Citizens

Health Card Facilities for Senior Citizens In India, there are several schemes on health care for senior citizens issued by the Government to avail a lot of benefits. These schemes are there to help senior citizens to decrease the economic burden. Health card for senior citizens is among them. The Indian Government has announced several … Read more

Know In Details About National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim

Source Our family is our biggest asset in life and to protect them in the best way is our foremost priority. To protect our loved ones we should buy them one of the best health insurance plans or mediclaim. So, if you are planning to buy a mediclaim for your Family then you can purchase … Read more

Disability Insurance In India | A Brief Detail

Disability Insurance in India

Source Reasonable disability insurance in India is something that Indian populace desperately requires. Be that as it may, such insurance is accessible just as a feature of life, wellbeing or term insurance. Debilitated individual needs to confront numerous issues, for example, reliance on others, lesser or no income source and so forth. Also, treatment cost … Read more