Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS): Get A Brief Idea

Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)

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Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) is a multi-dimensional public security system designed to offer socio-economic safety to the worker and their dependents get coverage under this scheme. In addition full health care for personnel and dependents, that is acceptable from day one of the insurable employment.

Employees brought under the Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) and their dependents are entitled to receive medical benefits. Some are also entitled to receive cash benefits in case of loss of wages or earning capacity as a result of inevitable disasters. The insured woman is entitled to delivery benefit in pregnancy. If an insured person dies due to employment injury or business-related illness then his dependent is entitled to family pension.

The Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) has now extended in the entire district. This has helped 100 of employees and they have come under the purview of insurance.

ESI Eligibility

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Who Is Eligible For The Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)?

To get covered under the massive protection and benefits provided by the Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIS), the employee should meet some criteria set by the commission. The Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) is applicable to these employees:

  • A person who is working in any non-seasonal industrial unit, which has at least over 10 employees in the Company, is eligible for such schemes. This criterion is under Section 2(12) in The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.
  • In full effect from 1st January 2017, the salary limit of a worker is set at INR 21,000/- per month to get covered under the Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIS).

ESI benefits

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Benefits Of Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)

Under this Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) it is the State Government’s responsibility to provide medical benefits to various employees. The Employment State Insurance Scheme has dispensaries and clinics under their control. The remaining interest subsidiaries are provided in the form of cash through the local offices of State Insurance Corporation. Let’s know more about the benefits provided by the Employment State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) below:

Dependent Public Interest

The Dependent public interest or the family pension, the dependents of the deceased insured person are payable in such cases where the employee leads to injury or business-related disease.

This benefit is made to his dependents within a maximum of three months of the death of the insured person and afterward, regular payments are made on monthly basis.

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Illness benefit

The illness benefit is offered in cash by the Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESIS). The sick benefit is payable in the form of cash payment in case of illness to the insured person. Provided he has been absent from the work and authorized insurance medical officer / businessman has certified his absence.

Payment of this benefit is done at the standard rate of 7 days from the sickness certification and the benefit of this scheme is not less than 50% of the daily wages.

Disability benefit

Disability Benefit is payable to the physically challenged insured person because of injury or occupational disease. However, the insured person should be an employee on the date of the accident.

This benefit is payable within a month of submission of the entire document related to the claim.

medical benefits

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Medical benefit

The State Government has the obligation to provide medical benefits as soon as insurable employment comes to the dispensary or clinic under the scheme’s control, the insured person and his dependents are eligible to receive medical benefit.

Primary, Outsourcing, Intimate and Expert Services are provided through Employees State Insurance Hospitals / Dispensaries and Panel Clinics; while highly specialized services are being received through the renowned medical institutions of the country on the basis of referral. These services are provided in the hospitals and dispensaries immediately.

Maternity benefit

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Maternity benefit

The maternal benefit is payable in the form of childbirth or miscarriage or related illness to the insured woman, and it is paid within 14 days of the submission of claim-proof claim papers by the Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESIS).

Funeral benefit

The excess expense is payable to the local office for maximum fun of INR 10000/- for the funeral of the insured person.