Our home is our one of the most significant and most valuable assets. People of all the ages are most likely to spend their entire life’s earning in building their house. Home sweet home is a place where we can live our lives in peace.  This biggest asset of our life does not only provide us warmth and peace of mind it also financially help us as we do not have to pay any rent for our resident. So, we should take a good care of our biggest asset. Here is how to do it and how one can protect it by buying homeowners insurance.

Now, one should at first know what homeowners insurance is and how it works before buying it.

What is Homeowners insurance

What is Homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is a kind of insurance which covers for house robbery, burglary, theft many more other man made calamities and also natural calamities such as storm, earthquake, flood, and many more. Buying homeowners insurance can thus secure your heaven like a house. We can never predict what is going to happen in the future. We may never face disaster for even once in our lifetime. But having a home insurance is to be on the safer side. No one can guarantee us safety from the above mentioned man made calamities and natural calamities.

Types of homeowners insurance coverage

Types of homeowners insurance coverage:

There is both expensive and cheap homeowners insurance available in the market. It more or less depends on the coverage one wants or needs in their home insurance.

The policy gives coverage for the fatalities to the construction and also the stuffing of the policy holder’s home that happened due to any man-made calamities and natural calamities.

One can also buy such insurance policy for only the building which means the structure of the building or only the belongings of the home or both can be covered at once under such a home insurance policy.

Let’s now talk about the coverage these home insurances provide its policy holder.

  •        Building Structure of the home insurance policy
  •        Landlords’ insurance policy
  •        Personal Accident insurance policy
  •        Theft, robbery, and Burglary insurance policy
  •        Tenants’ Insurance policy
  •        Public Responsibility Coverage insurance policy
  •        Belonging of the house Insurance policy, and so many more.

What are the things that do not get covered under the home insurance policy

What are the things that do not get covered under the home insurance policy?

  •        When someone loses their property due to war or anything like that.
  •        Property loss due to untenanted for more than a definite period of time.
  •        Deliberately ruined property.
  •        Compensations to assets due to tear and wear.

Leading home insurance policy companies in India and also banks in India offer the policy holder a great extent of coverage as per their requirements. These several kinds of home insurance policies in India help its policyholder or customers the inevitability of such homeowners insurance policies. Thus it helps its customer to choose and purchase the right policy according to their needs.

The most popular and crucial types of homeowners insurance policies accessible in India have been listed below for you:

  •        Projectile trying processes
  •        Due to bursting produced damage, pipes, water tank, and apparatus overflow.
  •        Due to blasting caused Damage and also man made antisocial activities such as riots, attacks, injury, and so many more.
  •        Due to leakage from involuntary filter fixings caused damage
  •        Natural disasters such as fire burning, lightning, bushfire, storms, volcanic outbreaks, forest fire burning, earthquakes, floods, and so many more disasters.
  •        Subsiding together with landslide and rockslide
  •        Damages that are caused by uninterrupted contact of any kind of vehicle or rail or road.

Therefore having means buying these kinds of home insurance policy for your most significant asset can protect you from a lot of disasters. Such homeowners insurance policies give its policy holder an attractive amount of coverage when needed.

No one knows when and how we are going to meet with an accident or get injured by the natural calamities such as an earthquake, flood, storm, and many other natural calamities. Not only natural calamities are responsible for our injury but sometimes also man-made calamities and disasters can harm us as well. Manmade disasters in the sense burglary, theft, robbery, deliberate fire burning, bomb blast, and so many other manmade calamities and disaster that can harm us to a great extent.

Thus, every landlord or homeowner should purchase a homeowners insurance policy for their home like heaven’s safety.  Such home insurance policies though are not able to prevent the natural and manmade calamities but it certainly can cover you financially at the time you need it the most. The fascinating coverage will help you to overcome these disasters easily and quickly.

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