Wedding Insurance in India


In India marriage is an auspicious occasion that opens a new stage in your lifespan. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion that brings you happiness for the rest of life. But, do you know that even such events can get affected with indecisions? However, there is good news for you… there is wedding insurance in India that can offer you security and peace of mind from all those uncertainties and will make you bid day most memorable.

What Is Wedding Insurance In India


What Is Wedding Insurance In India?

Wedding insurance in India is a customized event insurance policy that contains all detailed threats associated with your wedding. The classic cover comprises the postponement or cancellation of marriage because of any unforeseen conditions, accident to groom or bride, accident to relatives (blood relation) resulting in hospitalization within 7 days former to the declared marriage date, or damage to the property, burglary as well public liability gets coverage under the plan.

To confirm a smooth occasion, you must purchase the wedding insurance in India preferably 10-15 days formerly the wedding date. The premium of this policy is dependent on the evaluation of individual threats. The premium of wedding insurance in India is generally considered on the basis of the location, the venue (indoors or outdoors), the number of the guests, type of hall/venue decoration, as well as the number of programs (sangeet, mehndi, cocktail) will be there.

Covers For Wedding Insurance In India


Covers For Wedding Insurance In India:

Do you know what is the thing that gets covered under the wedding insurance in India? Well, if you do not know then there is nothing to worry at all because here I have listed down covers for wedding insurance in India:

If your wedding event gets postponed or gets canceled because of the following causes then your insurance company will provide you coverage. These reasons are as follow:

Burglary or Theft during the wedding event

Fire explosion or Earthquake or other hazards at the wedding venue during the event

If any blood relative fail to attain the wedding due to death, hospitalization personal injury, or any other reasons

In case of cancellation, the company will cover the expenses of wedding cards printing, hotel reservations, advance payment to the wedding hall or caterer, travel tickets, advance payment for hall or venue decorations, and so many more

Material damage circumstance comprises of appliances, decoration costs, precious metals, jewelry & stones costs, and others cost as stated in your policy document

The Public Legal responsibility cover confirms cover against death or injury ascending out of coincidences at the marriage venue. It likewise covers for the third party possessions damage.

Exclusions Of The Wedding Insurance In India


Exclusions Of The Wedding Insurance In India:

Here are some of the exclusion listed below that does not get covered under your wedding insurance in India:

Self-inflicted suicide or injury

Acts of violence or terrorism

Persons not able to reach the wedding venue on time because of the unavailability of the transport services are excluded under the plan

In case the persons or persons covered under this policy gets kidnapped then the insurance company will not cover for that

Consequential losses because of cancellation or postponement of the marriage event

Injury or death caused because of war or war-like circumstances

Loss produced to the property of others or own by the policyholder or his/her acquaintances on the basis of instructions issued do not get covered

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Why One Should Buy Wedding Insurance in India


Why One Should Buy Wedding Insurance in India?

Whether you should buy wedding insurance in India or not is entirely dependent on several facts. These facts are as follows:

How much you are spending on your wedding

Whether you feel the need to have an extra cover for your special day

One also needs to think that how worried you’re regarding your wedding as well as the things that are going wrong

As well as how important it is to have peace of mind when you are going to celebrate the most memorable time of your life

The wedding insurance in India is necessary for especially those who are getting married during the monsoon. During monsoon, the weather is fairly unpredictable and can come at any time to ruin the event.

Every single insurance policy company, as well as every wedding event, is different from each other. For this reason, you have to be really very careful with the parts contained in your insurance policy to know what will get covered and what will not as well as to what extent is it going to cover you.