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Life insurance policies are one of the smartest ways to safeguard an individual’s family economically, in the case of a disastrous consequence. Presently, insurance companies provide various kinds of life insurance for 1 crore sum assured to its policyholders including customary term life insurance plan, investment-oriented Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), etc.

Nevertheless, the aim of such different policies is to offer an acceptable sum assured to someone’s dependents in case of someone’s premature death. Bearing this need in mind, various Life Insurance companies offer several insurance policies to its customers, which come with a total sum assured of more than INR 1 crore.

What is Life Insurance Policy?

What is Life Insurance Policy


The life insurance plan is a kind of insurance policy that offers cover against unexpected events like premature death of the life insured or when the insurance plan matures. So as to avail of this security, the policyholder has to pay a certain premium to maintain the insurance policy. So the life insurance policy is a safety net that offers economic security against death. There is a total of three basic aspects associated with the life insurance policy, these aspects are as follow:

The premium of the Policy

The policyholder gets cover based on the sum of cash i.e. the premium payments towards the insurance policy. In the case of the Life Insurance for 1 crore sum assured the premium is a little higher.

The term of the Policy

A life insurance plan provides security for an assured period. This period is called term in the insurance policy, and this term can differ depending on the kind of insurance policy chosen. These terms could be a short-term insurance plan, long term insurance plan, etc.

Sum Assured or Death Benefit

Sum Assured or Death Benefit is the cash that the insurance company pays to its beneficiary or to its nominee (At the time of premature death) of the life insured. However, the amount of sum assured or the death benefits vary depending on a certain number of factors.

Best Life Insurance For 1 Crore Cover Plans

Here in this article below, I have listed down 10 best life insurance for 1 crore cover plan. Here is the list is given below:

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LIC e-Term Plan:

LIC e-Term Plan


The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has the maximum claim settlement percentage and the e-Term plan among the well-known Life Insurance for 1 crore cover plans presented. The LIC e-Term plan is a basic LIC term plan for 1 crore, however, the premium of this plan is a little too high. As well as this 1 crore life cover insurance policy LIC gives comprehensive coverage.

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1 Crore Insurance Policy LIC Plan Name: Basic e-Term Plan

LIC 1 Crore Policy Premium: INR 14600/annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 98%

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SBI Life Insurance eShield Plan:

SBI Life Insurance eShield Plan


The SBI Life Insurance eShield Plan is a term plan that comes with an in-built Accidental Demise Benefit. This SBI life insurance 1 crore policy/1 crore life insurance SBI allows its policyholder to grab a comprehensive level of cover for life.

Moreover, this SBI life term insurance 1 crore/Term plan SBI is among the cheapest alternatives available for Life Insurance for 1 crore cover in the insurance market.

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Plan Name: eShield of the SBI Life Insurance

Premium: INR 6400/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 89%

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HDFC Life Insurance Click2 Protect Plus Plan:

HDFC Life Insurance Click2 Protect Plus Plan


The HDFC Life Insurance Click2 Protect Plus Plan is a mid-level plan in accordance with the premium rates. This HDFC life cover of 1 crore basic plan likewise provides an earnings option as the rider in the case of complete permanent disability. Under this HDFC 1 crore life insurance policy you will get INR 1.2 crore life coverage at less than INR 31 per day.


Plan Name: Click 2 Protect Plus of HDFC Life

Premium: INR 11145/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 90.5%

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Star Union Daiichi Premier Protection Policy:

Star Union Dai-ichi Premier Protection Policy

Source:- https:// www . financial-world . org/news/news/insurance/505/bank-of-india-to-exit-star-union-daiichi-life-insurance-joint-venture/

Under the Star Union Dai-ichi Premier Protection Policy, the insurer is basically a joint project. The policy is the highest-priced plan under the list of Life Insurance for 1 crore cover.


Plan Name: Premier Protection Plan Of Star Union Dai-ichi

Premium: INR 22000/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 94 %

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Max Life Online Term Policy:

Max Life Online Term Policy


An individual can apply for the Max Life Online Term Policy via an online platform and the plan has a great premium rate. This falls under INR 10000. This basic plan provides life cover as well as a pair of rider alternatives.


Plan Name: Online Term Plan of Max Life

Premium: INR 9046/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 95.5%

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Bajaj Allianz iSecure Plan:

Bajaj Allianz iSecure Plan


The Bajaj Allianz iSecure Plan is a useful term policy with inexpensive rates from an extremely trusted private insurance company. This plan provides a level of coverage for the high sum assured quantities.


Plan Name: iSecure of Bajaj Allianz

Premium: INR 14513/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 91.9%

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ICICI Prudential iCare II Plan:

ICICI Prudential iCare II Plan


The ICICI Prudential iCare II Plan is one of the most trustworthy life insurer companies in India. You can also buy the ICICI Pru iCare term Plan from an online platform and requires just about no time to get finalized.


Plan Name: iCare II Term Insurance of ICICI Prudential

Premium: INR 18293/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 93.8%

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AEGON Life Insurance iTerm Plan:

AEGON Life Insurance iTerm Plan


The AEGON Life Insurance iTerm Plan is among the lower-priced Life Insurance for 1 crore cover in the insurance market at present times with a good claim settlement percentage.


Plan Name: iTerm of AEGON Life Insurance

Premium: INR 8892/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 89.8%

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Reliance Life Insurance Online Term Plan:

Reliance Life Insurance Online Term Plan


Under the Reliance Life Insurance Online Term Plan, non-smokers receive a superior discount & this life cover is especially for till the age of 75. The most important factor in the 1 crore life insurance reliance plan is that they arrange for the medical test at home only.


Plan Name: Online Term of Reliance Life insurance

Premium: INR 7950/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 83.8%

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PNB Metlife Mera Term Policy:

PNB Metlife Mera Term Policy


The PNB Metlife Mera Term Policy is among the few efficient plans in our country to provide a sum assured of 1 crore as the death benefit together with suitable tax benefits.


Plan Name: Metlife Mera Term Plan of PNB

Premium: INR 9011/Annum

Claim Settlement Percentage: 92.9%

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