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AB Arogyadaan is actually a group health insurance plan presented by United India Insurance Company Limited and Andhra Bank. This insurance plan is precisely intended for the Andhra bank account owners. In this plan, there are two plans.

In Plan A, the account owners can shelter the instant family (Spouse, Self, as well as children)

And in Plan B policyholders can join both his/her parents together with their immediate family (Spouse, Self, as well as children).

One can as well purchase a Super top-up plan together with the base plan to increase the whole sum assured.


Nevertheless, there are a few Sub-limits indicated, which may limit the inclusive claim of the policy which the policyholder should widely be aware of.

Brief Detail about AB Arogyadaan:

AB Arogyadaan Medical and Finance fields


It is a Floater Health Insurance plan to cover hospitalization costs acquired by the insurance policyholder as well as the rest of the policyholder’s family members according to the Scheme chosen by them.

AB Arogyadaan is presented by Andhra bank in collaboration with united India Insurance Co. Ltd. to its bank account owners.

Just like the other medical insurance plans being obtainable by public sector banks, the AB Arogyadaan as well as an inexpensive premium variety, with features relatively alike to the other existing mediclaim plans in the insurance market in the present day.

The main fascination in this plan is that one can cover his/her parents together with the same plan. You may as well purchase the supplementary cover through the super top-up plan, to sort the entire cover satisfactorily for the family.

Let’s now know how AB Arogyadaan is useful to Andhra bank account owners. Health Insurance policy is one of the chief parts of any individual financial planning facility. In fact, it develops to be a base beforehand initial with Investments.

How to Get AB Arogyadaan:

How to Get AB Arogyadaan


You can get the AB Arogyadaan plan by following these simple steps provided for you below…

  • At first, download the application form as well as take a printout of both sides (front & back)
  • (To get the form click here DOWNLOAD APPLICATION)
  • Now fill up the application form accurately
  • After that, affix a photograph of you as well as each member of the family on the Original Application form
  • Finally, handover the Application Form at your nearby Andhra bank branch together with the premium sum

Plan Options of AB Arogyadaan:

Plan Options of AB Arogyadaan


AB Arogyadaan delivers policyholder choices for 2 plans under their floater plan

  1. Plan -A &
  2. Plan – B

Plan – A:

This option offers coverage to the policyholder’s spouse as well as 2 dependent children (apart from the main Account Owner).

Plan – B:

This option delivers coverage to the prime Account Owner, spouse, 2 dependent children as well as Parents of the policyholder.


Insurance cover to the Dependent girl child shall mean, till the girl child is unemployed or unmarried.

And the dependent male child is restricted up to the age of 26 years or until he gets married or employed (But won’t get coverage after 26 years).

Salient Features Of The AB Arogyadaan Group Health Insurance Plan:

Salient Features Of The AB Arogyadaan Group Health Insurance Plan


A policyholder shall avail the services of the Third Party Administrator (TPA) on the panel of the guarantor.

Third-Party Administrator (TPA)

The Third Party Administrator (TPA) will be delivering a Photo ID Card to the policyholder after the plan has been dispensed by the Insurance Corporation.

The Third Party Administrator or health insurance TPA limited has several recognized networks of Hospitals across the Country, where Cashless Treatment is accessible on generating this ID Card.

However, the policyholder is free to go to any non-network hospitals as well. But then again they may have to bear the hospital expenses first and then seek a settlement from the Third Party Administrator (health insurance TPA limited).

Role Of Third Party Administrator (TPA)

If it is a case of planned hospitalization, then the policyholder has to inform about the hospitalization to TPA in advance at the Toll-Free customer care number for essential guidance from the Third Party Administrator (TPA).

However, in case of emergency Hospitalization information should be provided within 24 hours from the time of Hospitalization at the Third Party Administrator (TPA) Toll-Free number.

Third-Party Administrator (TPA) In Panel

M/s United India Insurance Organization has empanelled M/s Good Health Plan Ltd (GHPL) as Third Party Administrator (TPA) for administering this plan from 09.06.2010 onwards.

Quick Details of This Medical And Finance Fields:

What Is AB Arogyadaan It is a Floater Health Insurance plan to cover hospitalization costs acquired by the insurance policyholder as well as the rest of the policyholder’s family members according to the Scheme chosen by them.
Purpose of the Plan AB Arogyadaan successfully meets the Hospitalization costs of the policyholder’s family at a very reasonable premium and thus takes care of your Health and Wealth instantaneously.
Eligibility This policy is beneficial only to Andhra bank account holders.
Commencement Of The Policy Period: The health insurance year begins from the date of recompense of premium by the client as well as the insurance cover will be obtainable up to 8th June of each year
Renewal Period Renewal of the policy premium should be paid on or before the expiry of one year.
Age Limit Age Limit for the first time coverage is from 3 months – to 65 years, as well as renewal, is lifelong.
Type of Plan Floater Health Insurance plan


The Corporation might revise any of the conditions, terms, and exclusions of this insurance together with the premium due on renewal according to the rules/guidelines framed by the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) and after getting prior support from the Authority. The Corporation shall inform the covered of such fluctuations before the new addition is to take effect.

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