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Dental insurance policy helps many people budget effectively for the cost of maintaining a big smile. Compared to medical insurance, understanding the best dental insurance in India is a breeze. Most policies are straightforward and clear about what procedures are covered. And also how much you have to pay out of pocket. Best Dental insurance in India is available as part of a medical insurance plan or as a standalone policy. So, let’s know in details below:

What Is Dental Insurance in India?

what is dental insurance in india


To cover the expenses incurred in any dental treatment/procedure, you have to choose a policy that provides cover for dental expenses. Such policies are called dental insurance in India. Such plans cover all expenses during the dental procedures from diagnosis to treatment.

The special thing is that you cannot buy an insurance policy for teeth only, although you get the facility of dental insurance only within the health insurance policies of many companies.

Coverage Under The Best Dental Insurance In India:


These diseases are usually covered under the best dental insurance in India.

  • Regular checkup
  • Root canal procedure
  • Dental x-ray
  • Dental fillings
  • To extract the tooth
  • Follow up treatment


Dental coverage depends on the terms of your health insurance plan and may vary from plan to plan.

How Dental Insurance Classifies & Pays For Procedures

How Dental Insurance Classifies & Pays For Procedures


Dental procedures covered by insurance policies are generally divided into 3 categories of coverage. So here are the categories mentioned below. Check out here:

(1) Preventive: Most dental plans cover 100% of preventive care such as

  • Annuals for cleaning
  • X-rays and
  • Sealants
  • Half-yearly office visit for regular checkups

(2) Basic:  Basic procedures include treatment for

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth removal
  • Pilling, and
  • Root canals, with detectable, co-pays, and co-insurance to determine out-of-pocket expenses of the gums

Most policies cover 70 to 80% of these procedures, with patients paying the balance

(3) Major: Major procedures such as

  • Crowns
  • Bridges, etc.

Inlays and dentures typically involve higher co-pays, with patients paying more out-of-pocket expenses than other procedures under the dental insurance plan.


Every policy differs in that procedures are classified as preventive, basic, and salient, so it is important to understand what is covered when comparing policies.

Why Do We Need to Buy the Best Dental Insurance in India?

Why Do We Need to Buy the Best Dental Insurance in India


Dental health is less important in India. Because of this, dental diseases are increasing rapidly, in which cavities and periodontal diseases are the most common. Dental health is also associated with other health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, pregnancy, etc.

Due to the excessive consumption of tobacco products in the country, a large number of dental problems arise. In this way, you will need to get your smile insured under the best dental insurance in India. And thus, today in this article below, we are providing you information about the best dental insurance in India.


Some policy groups consider root canals as key processes, while others treat them as core processes and cover more of the cost

Some of the Best Dental Insurance In India:

Some of the Best Dental Insurance In India


If you do not want to bear the huge expense of any type of dental treatment from your pocket, then choosing a dental insurance policy is the right decision. Let’s know about some similar health insurance policies in the country which are providing dental insurance in India.

LIC Health Protection Plus Insurance Plan

LICIt’s a well-known enduring health insurance policy that provides coverage against rapidly increasing hospitalization costs such as

  • Medical expenses
  • Surgery
  • Diagnosis
  • Dental treatment, and
  • Critical illness

After selecting the LIC Health Protection policy you can effortlessly increase or reduce your premium according to your affordability. The least age to contact this policy is 19 years.

Apollo Munich Maxima Health Plan

Apollo Munich Maxima Health Plan

This Apollo Munich’s Maxima Health Plan provides outpatient coverage along with hospitalization of the patient. Under this plan, you will also get coverage of such day-to-day health problems that do not require hospitalization.

It provides an all-round health cover. Under this Apollo Munich Maxima health plan, you will get cover in the form of dental treatment, doctor’s consultation, all tests out-patient benefits. Actual expenses incurred on these medical treatments/procedures or even insured, whichever is less, are paid.

SBI Life Smart Plan

SBI life insurance

This SBI Life Smart plan has a grip on offering insurance policies to individuals. It is a plan that offers better guard against health costs as well as makes medical dealing more adaptable.

  • It is planned to give protection against
  • Medical expense
  • Critical illness
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization expenses, and
  • This plan as well as the benefits of the best dental insurance in India.


Remember that the SBI Life Smart plan only offers monetary protection against dental treatment if it’s not produced due to an accident. Therefore, it offers your strength as well as allows you to manage the health-related costs in an enhanced way.

ICICI Pru Health Saver Insurance Policy


This ICICI Pru Health Saver insurance plan is an all-inclusive health insurance plan that offers in-patient hospital cover for you as well as your family. This policy reimburses all the other medical costs, including

  • Diabetes
  • Dental care
  • Diagnostic examination
  • Pregnancy, and so many more

Under the Health Savings Benefit, this ICICI Pru Health Saver insurance plan pays for dental costs. You can also claim reimbursement of these costs on offering the actual bill. It is among the best dental insurance in India.

Bharti AXA Smart Health

Bharti AXA Smart Health

The Bharti AXA Smart Health Plan provides complete coverage of medical expenses when a patient is hospitalized. This plan provides cover for the daily medical expenses of the patient. This policy also covers the medical expenses incurred in the emergency treatment of teeth due to an accident.

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Insurance Plan

bajaj Allianz

This Bajaj Alliance health guard insurance plan provides you an all-inclusive range of benefits related to your health.

Bajaj Alliance health guard insurance plan is planned to offer you monetary coverage against medicinal care. Moreover, you can acquire a guard against the costs related to dental treatments.


In this article, only a few selected policies are mentioned for example. Apart from dental health policies, you can choose a dental health insurance policy by looking at other insurance schemes for you and your family.

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