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Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), is typically a health project customized for the present central government employee and retired Central Government employees. The project facilitates medical care under different health and family welfare systems from other wellness centres of CGHS cities in India.

Some facilities offered to CGHS beneficiaries under OPD are CGHS medication and treatment expenses, indoor investigations and treatment at government hospitals or CGHS empanelled hospitals, maternity & child health, and family welfare services, a medical consultation, as well as dispensing medications for AYUSH.

However, to avail of any facility, the CGHS beneficiary must hold a CGHS card. So, let’s now learn how to apply for CGHS Govt cards online from the CGHS authorities and print CGHS cards from competent authorities.

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Card:

pensioner card
chc card

All CGHS beneficiaries are given a Photo ID plastic card for both pensioners and serving employees that contain a photo of the CGHS beneficiary and a distinctive ID number. This CGHS card must be shown whenever you wish to take benefits of the CGHS scheme facilities.

The cardholders should keep the card safe to bring it whenever needed. However, if you somehow lose the card, you need to inform the police to get a duplicate CGHS Government card by submitting a form to the Additional Director with a attested copies of the FIR for INR 50/- fee.

Eligibility Criteria for CHGS Facility?

Serving employees, pensioners, and their family members are eligible for CGHS, provided they live in the areas covered by CGHS. Also, the below are eligible for CGHS:

  • A serving employee of the Central Government
  • Freedom fighters
  • Railway employees
  • Retired High Courts judges
  • Ex-governors & Lt. governors
  • Employees of the Post & Telegraph department
  • Former Vice Presidents
  • Current & ex-members of the Parliament
  • Delhi police personnels
  • Beneficiaries of the family members

How to Apply for the CGHS Card?

Those who are qualified to enrol in the CGHS should do so by following the instructions below.

  • For Current Employees – Documents proving the applicant’s residency, the dependent’s age, and the duration of the dependent’s stay must be submitted in addition to the application form specified above. If the dependent has a disability, a disability certificate from an appropriate authority must be submitted.
  • Pensioners – Pensioners must send an application form that is properly filled out and attested copies of their PPO, Provisional PPO, and Last Pay Certificate to the relevant body, along with a demand draft made payable to “PAO CGHS New Delhi”.

Online Procedure

Here are the steps that can help you obtain your CGHS card online. So, here is how you need to apply online:

Step 1:

Go to the official website at and fill out the online form there

Step 2:

You need to fill out the form as soon as possible with the required details and attach photos of the beneficiary

Step 3:

Now, attach the needed documents with your form

Step 4:

Then submit the form as well as the documents

Step 5:

Finally, download the application form as well as print CGHS card

Offline Procedure

  • Make sure the application is approved by the Head of the Dept of Serving Employees if you wish to apply offline. You must deliver the application to the Additional Director Headquarters in Delhi. You can also mail the required paperwork and the application form to the Additional Director’s office in another city.
  • You may apply for the central government’s pensioner health program if you are a working employee. You must send an application to the Central Government Health Scheme from the employee’s office together with a bank draft and any necessary attachments.

CGHS Components From Competent Authority

The CGHS offers many healthcare benefits to its beneficiaries. Listed below are some of the advantages that beneficiaries registered under this scheme can get:

  • Dispensary services
  • Domiciliary care
  • ECG, X-Ray, and laboratory tests
  • Specialist consultation from doctors at CGHS hospital, clinic, and dispensary
  • Hospitalizations
  • Supply and distribution of medicines
  • Services related to child health, maternity, and family welfare
  • Health Education


The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (or MoHFW) has revised the CGHS rates for all CGHS scheme beneficiaries. Along with increasing rates, the Union government has streamlined the referral procedure of CGHS.

The charge for OPD consultations has been raised from 150/- to 350/-. The fee for IPD consultations has been raised from 300/- to 350/-. The ICU fee has been increased to 5,400/- which contains all ward accommodation and entitlements.

The general and semi-private ward room rents were increased to INR 1,500 and INR 3,000, respectively. However, for a fully private ward, the rent of the room was increased from 3,000/- to 4,500/-. To avail of these facilities, it is necessary to acquire the CGHS Card.

If the cardholder dies, the card will be invalid as well and the dependent should inform the CGHS authority with the death certificate.


Q. Where Can I get the CGHS family member addition form?

A. You can get the CGHS family member addition or deletion form here.

Q. From Where Can I Download My CGHS Plastic Card?

A. Go to plastic card download option to download your CGHS plastic card after you do your Govt health card apply. For gov card apply, always prefer the official website only. 

Q. What Is The Central Government Health Card Name?

A. The name of the Central Government Health Card is CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme). Under this scheme, central government employees and retired persons can get facilities like child health services, medical treatment from private hospitals (empanelled ones)

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